Top PaleoFX Products From The 2016 Conference

Top PaleoFX Products From The 2016 Conference

In this post I present a list of my favorite PaleoFX products from the 2016 conference. Going paleo is not always easy, especially when you are already sick and using the diet to try and get healthy. What impressed me most about this year’s event was the number of products on the market that make it easier to adopt and maintain a paleo lifestyle.

Equally inspiring was the fact that many of these companies are being built by first-time entrepreneurs, local businesses, husband/wife teams and others who are just following their passion and building their livelihood by providing products or services for the paleo community.

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Top PaleoFX Products

Admittedly, any attempt to curate a short list of products from this year’s event will be subjective at best. That said, here are some of my favorite PaleoFX products, in no particular order:

  1. Paleo Valley 100% Grass Fed Beef Stick: After first learning of this product on Jimmy Moore’s podcast, I was finally able to sample them at the show – and they were legit. I bought a 10-pack on the spot and the jalapeno flavor are now officially part of my paleo aresnal.

    PaleoFX products - Paleo Valley Beef Stick

    Paleo Valley Beef Stick

  2. Pilinuts: These nuts contain 22 grams fat/1g carbs/3 grams protein per 1 ounce (28 g) serving, delivering the highest fat and magnesium content of any nut on the market.

    PaleoFX products - pilinuts


  3. Jilz Gluten Free Crackers: I’ve scoured my local grocery store on more than one occasion looking for great tasting, paleo-friendly crackers with no success. Jilz fills this important need with a cracker that is gluten-free AND grain-free and made without corn, soy, dairy, wheat or sugar. Hallelujah!

    PaleoFX products - Jilz gluten-free crackers

    Jilz gluten-free crackers

  4. Paleo mayonnaise from Primal Kitchen: Made with avocado oil and organic cage-free eggs, this product provides a paleo-friendly substitute for tuna salad, egg salad or other dishes where the recipe calls for mayo. They also have a chipotle lime version. While not difficult to make on your own, it’s nice to have access to a high quality, pre-made product for convenience.

    PaleoFX products - Primal Kitchen's paleo-friendly mayonnaise

    Primal Kitchen’s paleo-friendly mayonnaise

  5. Dry Farm Wines: Unfortunately there were no samples available at the conference, but this appears to be a paleo-friendly line of red and white wines. The wine is clinically tested to contain less than 1 gram/L of total sugars (statistically sugar-free and carb-free). Their testing reports no impact on blood sugar and no adverse effect on ketone (BHB) production.

    PaleoFX products - Dry Farm Wines

    Dry Farm Wines

  6. Four Sigmatic Mushrooms: Four Sigmatic’s products, including their mushroom cacaos and coffees, are a nice easy hack to get more of the medicinal benefits of mushrooms into your diet. I tasted the mushroom coffee and it was excellent.

    PaleoFX products - Four Sigmatic Mushrooms

    Four Sigmatic Mushrooms

  7. Jambo Superfoods Ghee Butter: This product contains cannabidiol (CBD) oil, which provides the medicinal benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive effects. Made with grass-fed ghee and mct oil, this liquid product would work great with Bulletproof coffee or as a fat for cooking, assuming of course you have the proper prescription or license for accessing medicinal cannabis products.

    PaleoFX products - Jambo Superfoods Ghee Butter

    Jambo Superfoods Ghee Butter

  8. Vital Proteins Beef Liver Capsules: Organ meats are prized for their incredible nutrient density, most notably Vitamin A. These capsules are made from pasture-raised, grass-fed cows and make a great alternative for those (myself included) who are less than enchanted with the idea of purchasing, preparing and consuming organ meats.

    PaleoFX Products - Vital Proteins Beef Liver Capsules

    Vital Proteins Beef Liver Capsules

  9. Spice Cave Seasoning System: I like the simplicity of this all-in-one, paleo-friendly seasoning system. The spices are gluten-free, low sodium and contain no preservatives, refined sugars or artificial ingredients.
  10. Wild Planet and Vital Choice Seafood: These companies were both on hand at PaleoFX promoting their sustainably caught seafood products which they ship to your home. Vital Choice’s sardines with extra virgin olive oil and organic red chili were the best sardines I’ve tasted. Serve their tuna products with Primal Kitchen mayo on Jilz gluten-free crackers and you are officially a paleo SUPERSTAR!

    PaleoFX products - Vital Choice Sardines

    Vital Choice Sardines

Hopefully there’s at least one or two new products in the list that you’d like to try. If you’ve got a favorite paleo product you’d like to share with the Heads Up community, leave us a comment below! If you’re ready to start tracking your paleo progress with Heads Up Health, sign up below to create your free account. Or if you just want to stay in touch, subscribe to our blog or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.