There’s a ton of amazing integrative medicine health protocols out there.

Many of these protocols have been developed by talented practitioners over many years looking at thousands of patients and tens of thousands of lab test results.

In many cases, these same practitioners are happy to share their protocols with other integrative practitioners like yourself.

To help facilitate the sharing of high quality health protocols amongst practitioners in the Heads Up community, we’ve created the Community Templates library.

These templates are pre-configured and ready for you to import into your Heads Up account to deploy with your clients.

In addition to sharing high quality protocols, we will be adding other handy time saving templates such as:

  • Health coaching templates
    • Pre-built templates for health coaches to document client interactions, goals and progress reports
  • CPT code templates
    • Pre-built templates to easily bill for CPT codes facilitated by the Heads Up platform

Check out the video above for more information on how to start using Community Templates.

Have a protocol you want to share? Contact our team here and can get it published!.

Current templates in the library as of 3/28/2022

If you don’t have an account, sign up for a free account here and start saving yourself time!

With gratitude,

Heads Up