Welcome to the Heads Up Health blog. We are a San Francisco-based startup looking to change the way individuals manage their health. By providing better tools to manage health information, we aim to empower individuals to take more control in managing their own care. With that goal in mind, we’ve built our software around five core principles:

1. Centralized Medical Records

We help you centralize all of your medical records in one place, regardless of where they exist. Thanks to advancements in electronic health records, we can now automatically pull in your records from thousands of different facilities across the country. For your medical records that aren’t online, we make it easy to import data from those files as well. If you are busy and on the go, our Concierge Service can do the data entry for you. Whether it’s your cholesterol data or your immunization records, we make it easy to maintain a complete history of your health at all times.

Centralize your medical records with Heads Up Health

Centralize your medical records

2. Technology to self-manage

Emerging wearable technology makes it easier than ever to collect valuable data on our health. We integrate with industry leading activity trackers (FitBit, JawBone), wireless scales, blue tooth blood pressure monitors, glucometers and a range of other health devices. We also integrate with popular health and fitness mobile apps like RunKeeper, myFitnessPal and Moves.

Heads Up Health Dashboard

Heads Up Health Dashboard

3. Help me use my data to improve health outcomes

With all of your medical and wearable data in one place, we provide you with personalized insights and powerful analytics tools to master your health using your own data.

Is my FitBit really lowering my weight over time? Are my dietary changes really lowering my cholesterol or my blood sugar? By bringing all your information into one place, we can help you measure and quantify your progress over time in ways that have never been possible before.

Heads Up Health Analyzer

Heads Up Health Analyzer

4. Share my data with whomever I choose

At Heads Up Health we realize that your care team extends beyond just your medical doctor. We’ve made it easy to share your health information as you see fit. Whether you choose to consult with a medical doctor, a nutritionist, a personal trainer, a functional medicine specialist or a family member, we make it easy to give them access to your health information so you can make informed decisions.

Heads Up Health - Care Team Access

Heads Up Health – Care Team Access

5. Take my data with me

Whether you move to the other side of the city or the other side of the world, you need to take your health information with you. We built our software so that your health information is not locked into any specific doctor’s office, hospital system, insurance company or employee wellness system. You control your data and you can take it with you wherever your go.

Our beta program is open and you can register on our home page. Feel free to contact us with any questions at support@succinct-pearl.flywheelsites.com. We are excited to have your support as we grow.

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