Inward Bound – Episode Two – Habits for Better Sleep

In this Inward Bound episode, Dave Korsunsky speaks with Sopurkha Kaur, CEO of Awareness Generation, to share ‘promoting habits for better sleep’. Learn actionable tools that are sure to improve your sleep with a few adjustments—from the orientation of your bed to quick hit breathing exercises for optimal relaxation. 

Sopurkha Kaur has earned the equivalency of a Master’s Degree from the Kundalini Research Institute. As a Certified Teacher for the past nine years, she has observed remarkable personal transformations in herself and thousands of other people after consistently incorporating teachings established over 5,000 years ago. Kundalini techniques 
are designed for the ‘modern-day householder,’ or busy people who have a desire to heal and evolve through mind-body practices but also need to focus on jobs and families.

David discusses how we can employ these promoting habits in our daily life and quantify them with the latest digital health technology.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How the position of your bed affects your sleep based on its relation to the earth’s gravitational pull on your body
  • How Left Nostril Breathing affects energy flow and produces calming for sleep(guided Left Nostril Breathing is practiced at the end of the show)
  • How the firmness of your bed affects your sleep. Make sure your spine is supported by a firm bed
  • The importance of strenuous exercise every day. Getting at least 30 min sets the body up for great sleep
  • Be mindful of when you stop eating before you go to bed, as digestion can delay deep sleep
  • Hydration is key in allowing the brain to rest and rejuvenate
  • Lower lights, switch to candles before bed, unplug and avoid blue light devices for a couple of hours before bed
  • There are approximately 72,000 nerves that end in the feet, soaking your feet in icy cold water for 3-4 minutes before bed will instantly calm your entire nervous system and your organs throughout your body
  • Using acupressure/foot massage on your feet before sleep to support your organs can be really helpful too. Here’s a foot map to show the exact areas on the feet correlate to specific body parts/organs
  • Track your heart rate, HRV and sleep with a tracking device so you can start doing your own n=1 experiments to find out what is most affecting your sleep
  • How to practice Three Part Breathing (click for instructions). The mind follows the breath, so when we consciously control our breath, the mind has no choice but to listen to the cues the breath is giving it.
  • Try Left Nostril Breathing (click for instructions) for optimal relaxation before sleep, or if you wake up and can’t get back to sleep. The left nostril is connected to the moon’s energy which is cleansing, calming, and cooling energy.

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