Inward Bound - Episode Two - How to Wake Up

In Episode Two of Inward Bound, Dave Korsunsky speaks with Sopurkha Kaur, CEO of Awareness Generation, about how to wake up with several important things to do immediately upon waking up from sleep. She shares quick-hit, actionable techniques that properly prepare the body to start the day, both for better health and to fire up a feeling of empowerment. These are little-known tips to improve your day and your overall health with just a few simple practices. Sopurkha Kaur has earned the equivalency of a Master's Degree from the Kundalini Research Institute. As a Certified Teacher for the past nine years, she has observed remarkable personal transformations in herself and thousands of other people after consistently incorporating techniques established over 5,000 years ago. Kundalini techniques are designed for the 'modern-day householder,' or busy people who have a desire to heal and evolve through mind-body practices but also need to focus on jobs and families. David discusses how we can employ these promoting habits in our daily life and quantify them with the latest digital health technology.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Review key sleep practices from Inward Bound - Episode One
  • Best practices on how to wake up to start the day
  • How to take your vitality back by empowering yourself with the things you can control in life
  • Five things to do as you're waking up —before you even open your eyes
  • Five things to do immediately after you get out of bed
  • Awakening the nervous system in the morning, and slowing it down for sleep in the evening can be measured through a heart rate monitor and your phone HRV
  • Breath of Fire (BOF)—major benefits include:
    • Releases toxins and the deposits of mucus in our lung linings, in our blood vessels and all of our cells
    • Expands lung capacity and increases vitality and vital strength
    • Strengthens the nervous system to be able to resist stress
    • Reduces addictive impulses from drugs, smoking, and bad foods
    • Increases oxygen delivery to the brain, which facilitates a focused and intelligent and neutral state of mind so we can make better decisions throughout the day
    • Boosts the immune system and it may prevent diseases
    • Promotes synchronization of the biorhythms of the body’s systems
    • Repairs and balances both the sympathetic and parasympathetic system
    • Energizes the body while it calms the mind
  • One step you're already doing—using the toilet to eliminate waste—here we remind you to look at your waste, notice the color of the urine and notice what your stool can tell you about your health based on the Bristol Stool Chart
  • Another step you are likely already doing is brushing your teeth—however, there is an additional aspect to that step which is very beneficial and hardly anyone has ever heard about—gaging the monkey glands. Do this by brushing the way back area of the tongue (the monkey glands) and get yourself to gag several times. This releases the pool of toxic bacteria that the glands catch and store throughout the night. Release those toxins BEFORE swallowing any saliva (an unconscious, natural thing we do upon waking) or drinking anything. Added bonus, the eyes will water when you gag, which makes an excellent daily lubricant
  • How (a specific walkthrough with Sopurkha Kaur) to take a proper Cold Shower. Major benefits include:
    • Open up capillaries and circulation
    • Flush the organs with clean purified blood
    • Keep blood chemistry young, virile, and healthy
    • Stimulate healthy secretion of the glandular system
    • Keeps skin radiant
      • You have a fever
      • When menstruating or pregnant
      • If you have rheumatism, heart disease or circulatory issues (like Raynoid's disease)
      • Go slow with cold showers if you have issues with sciatica or high blood pressure
      • Protect the genitals
  • Cryotherapy is another biohacking option for cold exposure (see Dave Korsunsky and Dr. John Limansky take a cold plunge into Lake Tahoe)
  • The final Good Morning step is to allow quiet time to listen to inner messages, to consciously breath, to intentionally meditate, or simply to set your intentions for the day. Open your brain and body to receive guidance from your soul—your true, unconditional, best friend. This is a key step for success in any area of your life and health. Some of the most successful people in the world will start the day with an extensive (2-3 hours) early morning practice. If it's new to you, simply start with a few minutes and you will still begin to experience positive results in your day. Again, do this daily—consistency is key!
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