At Heads Up Health, we’re looking to transform healthcare for our users; to make the disjointed health care continuum seem a little less daunting and a little more manageable by creating one place where someone can store their medical records, integrate all the data they are collecting at home and share their data with whomever they choose.

One of our beta users that’s helping us all get there is Bill. Bill is a busy professional and father of two. He’s originally from California and he currently calls Frisco, TX his home.

Bill uses our Concierge Service to help him manage all of his healthcare data within Heads Up Health. After a few weeks of using Heads Up Health, we sat down with Bill to pique his brain about the software and how it has transformed the way he views his health.

Heads Up: In your experience so far, what’s been the greatest benefit of using the Heads Up software?

Bill: The biggest benefit is the ability to see all my lab results in one place! Due to a genetic condition, I have to run blood work every three to six months. Over the years I had accumulated my lab results in over 13 different PDFs. Some of the files had over 100 individual tests.

Paper records and PDF files - what a mess!

Paper records and PDF files – what a mess!

The lab’s patient portal only maintains two years of history and their PDF reports only show the last two results. I had no easy way to see all the historical data in one place and compare it with other data I was collecting. Heads Up solved this problem for me and provides a friendly user interface where I can view trends and much more.

Heads Up: Tell us about your experience with Heads Up’s Concierge Service.

Bill: The Concierge Service has been incredibly helpful. I’m very busy with work and family and simply did not have the time to manually enter historical medical records data into my Heads Up profile. I just upload the file and Concierge takes care of the rest. This is a huge benefit for people who are busy and on-the-go and need help managing their health data. Now I just get my labs from Quest Diagnostics which automatically synchronizes with my Heads Up account so I don’t have to worry about data entry.

Heads Up: What other data are you tracking in Heads Up?

Bill: I use the Basis Peak* to track sleep, heart rate, and physical activity among other things. I use a Withings scale for tracking weight and body fat. I also use the iHealth Bluetooth glucometer and pulse oximeter, which automatically upload data into my Heads Up account.

Heads Up: Can you tell us about any specific experiments you’re doing within Heads Up?

Bill: I am currently using Heads Up to help me test different statin and non-statin interventions for cholesterol. I have been tracking physical activity (from my wearable device) to see if it can positively affect my lab results (lipid panels).

Long-term cholesterol tracking in Heads Up Health

Long-term cholesterol tracking in Heads Up Health

Heads Up: How else can we help you achieve your health goals?

Bill: It would be good to have notifications based on analytics that go beyond the usual “exercise more and weigh less.” With this technology it’ll be possible to have more “hey, have you noticed?” type notifications, such as comparing cholesterol results with exercise, and so much more.

Sounds good to us! Thank you Bill!

If you’re interested in seeing all your healthcare data in one spot, sign up for the beta version of Health Up Health. Or, if you’re just interested in staying up-to-date with the latest healthcare, fitness and wellness trends, follow us on Twitter or find us on Facebook.

*Although Basis Peak does not have a supported API, Heads Up allows users to upload some of this data in .csv format so it can be tracked their profile.

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