Health Data used to be a major challenge for Health Practitioners, especially when looking at multiple patients, cohorts, or entire patient populations.

The sheer volume of data and lack of helpful tools made it nearly impossible for practitioners to accurately analyze the data just to make informed decisions.

Fortunately, now health professionals have access to new efficient solutions that can help them easily distinguish between useful signal-based insights and unnecessary noise so they are empowered with actionable knowledge quickly – regardless if you’re assessing one individual client, an entire group cohort, or your whole patient population!

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We are pleased to announce the release of “Signals”, our new reporting module for tracking outcomes across your practice. 

Signals lets you define the exact outcomes you are looking for inside your client data set and delivers the data in curated reports specific to your needs. 

Here’s a few examples of what’s possible with Signals:

  • Adherence
    • Ensure clients are performing the actions needed as part of their program
    • Example:
      • Show all patients/clients who have not weighed in for more than <3> days.
  • Out-of-range
    • Identify clients whose values have gone out of normal range
    • Example:
      • Show all clients with blood glucose readings >180 mg/dL over the past week
  • Connectivity
    • Easily track device and lab connection status across all clients
    • Example:
      • Show Oura ring connection status for all clients
  • Cohort analysis
    • Track outcomes across any cohort of clients
    • Example:
      • Show the average Hba1c improvement across all Type 2 Diabetes clients over the past six months
  • Leaderboards
    • Create fun and engaging health challenges for your clients with optional incentives
    • Example:
      • Show a “Steps” leaderboard for all clients in the practice
  • Symptom tracker
    • Allow clients to self-report common symptoms
    • Example:
      • Show me all clients on Semaglutide who reported nausea symptoms 
  • Algorithm development
    • Custom algorithms to look for trends across one or more data sources
    • Example:
      • Show all clients with Vitamin D3 levels <30 ng/mL AND baseline Oura HRV  <20ms
  • Create your own
    • Our team can create custom reports to capture any signals you are looking for 

Tedious, time consuming and otherwise complex data analysis tasks can now be automated and reported in seconds saving valuable clinical time in the practice.

Signals pulls everything together, giving you access to multiple channels of health data that are already algorithmically computed, filtered, and reports ready. Providing you with pure signal and zero noise in seconds; improving Health Intelligence. 

Login to Heads Up and play with Signals now or sign up for a free starter account.

Heads Up is committed to giving health professionals cutting-edge tools that drastically reduce manual data management costs while providing powerful information needed to do their job well and stand out from the crowd. 

Remotely track vital signs, symptoms, outcomes, run studies, validate treatments, quickly see who is out of range, provide protocols at scale, and so much more.

Heads Up + Signals is the industry’s first multi-dimensional health intelligence software.

Signals is a resource-intense system because it works over millions of unique data points across hundreds of sources. It’s costly from a digital computation and management standpoint, but incredibly cheap compared to manual data management approaches that were being used before. 

Fortunately for health professionals, the cost savings of running Signals opens up new levels of health intelligence with more efficiency and speed. 

This is why we believe every health professional should experience the magic of Signals. 

So, we built out a set of Free Signals Reports you can run right now! 

Assessment Results

  • Daily Wellness Assessment

Exportable Datasets

  • Sensor Reading Blood Glucose Data

Health Tracking

  • Symptom Tracker


  • Nocturnal HRV – Group Dashboard
  • Weight – Group Dashboard
  • AM Readiness – Group Dashboard
  • Steps – Group Dashboard
  • Calories Burned – Group Dashboard
  • Blood Glucose – Group Dashboard
  • Vitamin D3 – Group Dashboard

Patient compliance

  • Weight Compliance

Remote Patient Monitoring

  • RPM Billing Data

System reports

  • Device Connections

Sign in here and enjoy your new year’s gift or if you don’t have an account, register here for your Free Health Practitioner account and start using the new Signals features today! 

With Gratitude,

Heads Up 

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