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Episode 73 – Bioregulators with Nathalie Niddam

Episode 73 – Bioregulators with Nathalie Niddam

Today, we’re sitting down with Nathalie Niddam, a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Epigenetic Coach who’s dedicated to educating her growing community on the power of health optimization and biohacking to reverse one’s biological age.  In this episode, we...

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Episode 69 Don Moxley

Episode 69 – Boosting HRV Levels with Don Moxley

Don Moxley is an esteemed longevity science leader who is best known for his passion for studying human performance and teaching audiences how to add more life to our years. With an impressive background in athletics, sports science, and...

Episode of 62 Latt Mansor

Ep. 62 – Exogenous Ketones With Latt Mansor From HVMN

About the EpisodeLatt Mansor shares his knowledge about exogenous ketones and their applications for peak performance, health, medical therapies, and more. In the show, Latt breaks down the differences between exogenous ketones and the evolution...

On the Data-Driven Health Podcast, Tara Viswanathan, Co-Founder and CEO of Rupa Health, discusses with Heads Up’s Dave Korsunsky about how her company makes functional medicine lab testing easier for medical professionals.

Ep. 57 – Simplify Functional Lab Testing with Rupa Health

Are you a practitioner looking for an easier way to conduct functional medicine lab testing?  Tara Viswanathan, Co-Founder and CEO of Rupa Health, discusses with Heads Up’s Dave Korsunsky how her company simplifies this process for medical...

Carl Hardwick OPEX WP

Bio-individual Coaching with Carl Hardwick of OPEX

Carl Hardwick has spent his life dedicated to athletics, served his country, and opened up several OPEX gyms of his own before stepping into the role of COO at OPEX.  Currently, Carl oversees the Coach Certification Program at OPEX where he...

Bill Hanks Cryotherapy banner

Bill Hanks on Fighting Inflammation with Cryotherapy

Bill Hanks is a former engineer who left his career three years ago to open Cryo Recovery in Houston, TX. After suffering from a workout injury that refused to heal, Bill turned to cryotherapy and immediately felt the benefits. Before...

Sameer Sontakey Biostrap tracking rest and recovery

Biostrap – Tracking Rest and Recovery

After losing 80 pounds in two years, Sameer Sontakey of Biostrap refound health and sparked his interest in bringing a product to the market that allows the everyday user as well as sports athletes to track...

Featured Image for WP Episode 5 Oura Ring Deep Dive with Chuck Hazzard

Episode 5 – Oura Ring Deep Dive with Chuck Hazzard

Curious about the Oura Ring and how it can help you achieve better sleep and recovery? Wondering how you can use recovery information for better performance, and how you can use it to optimize your health? In this podcast episode, Dave Korsunksy...

Episode 2 Mastering Your Macros with Jason Loewy 1

Episode 2 – Mastering Your Macros with Jason Loewy

Why should you track your macros and how can it improve your health? We're excited to chat with Jason Loewy, the founder and CEO of My Macros+, a diet tracking app that integrates with Heads Up Health. This integration empowers people to take...

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