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Frequently Asked Questions

I am a health practitioner. Can I use this with my clients?
Yes! To learn more about our Professional product, please visit the Professional page.
Can I try Heads Up Health before committing to a plan?
Yes! You can try Heads Up Health for 30-days (no credit card required) and evaluate all of our features.  
What happens after the free 30-day trial expires?
After the trial period, if you have not yet purchased a subscription, your account will drop to read-only mode. You can still login and access your historical data, but your devices, apps  and medical facilities will stop updating. You will not be able to manually add new data and many other functions in the app will also be disabled. If you subsequently purchase a paid plan, all devices and apps will resume updates and all features within the app will be unlocked.
How does the lifetime membership work?
For a limited time we are offering a lifetime subscription for $199. This plan will give you unlimited access to all current and future functionality for as long as you choose to maintain your account with us. If you cancel your account for any reason, you would need to re-register and purchase a new plan.
What are the differences between your web app and the mobile app?
Currently our mobile app is meant to work as a ‘companion’ to the web app. On the mobile app you can access your dashboard, check your stats, enter data on the fly and connect devices and apps. The web app supports all other features including Care Team Access, CSV upload, graphing multiple data points and many more advanced features. Over time we will add additional features into mobile with the long-term goal of full feature parity between web and mobile.
Which devices/apps can I connect?
Supported devices and apps are listed on our Integrations page. We are adding new sources regularly. Please contact us if you have a source you would like us to support. Most metrics (e.g. weight, ketones, blood sugar) can also be entered manually. You can also create custom data sources if we don’t support a specific metric.
I live outside the United States. Can I still use Heads Up Health?
Yes. Although we do not yet support electronic connection to medical facilities outside the US, you can still use all other features. See the following video: Customizing Heads Up Health for International users
Do you offer a solution for groups and teams?
Yes. Please contact us to discuss group licensing.
Can I pay with bitcoin?
Not at this time. Please contact us to discuss alternate payment options.
Can I connect my family members, doctors and other members of my care team?
Yes. Our ‘Care Team Access’ feature allows you to share your profile with your care team members.
Do you have an affiliate program?
Yes. If you are interested in recommending Heads Up Health to your audience, please register for our Ambassador Program. We will review your application and contact you to discuss next steps.

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