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ThreeHealth Inc.

Brandy Wiltermuth ARNP, Bariatric Medicine (16 years), Marlene Sexton, LMFT Bariatrics (26 years), Alexis Morales CMA. CHC

  • Medical Weight Loss
  • Behavioral Therapy
  • Weight Management
  • Metabolic Disease Management
  • Direct Primary Care
  • Type II Diabetes Reversal
  • Therapy

  • Weight Loss Specialists
  • Accepting New Patients/Clients
  • Online Consultations

About ThreeHealth Inc.

Our licensed medical and behavioral specialists will provide the care you need to develop a sustainable weight loss program, improve your metabolic health and reverse diabetes for a lifetime. We treat the physical, the mental and the emotional – with science, technology and compassion. And we get results.

The path to better health is your choice. Choose ThreeHealth.

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