The Ultimate GLP-1 Weight Loss Dashboard

Simple Yet Powerful Dashboards For Delivering Safe & Effective GLP-1 Weight Loss Protocols.

Track GLP-1 dosage

The new dashboard tile makes it easy to track weekly GLP-1 medication dosage. Clients can either self-report their weekly dosage or you can enter their assigned dosage on their behalf.

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Quickly See The Big Picture

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A fully customizable dashboard helps collect all the data needed for a successful GLP-1 program.

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Integrate best-in-class devices from Withings, Dexcom, Libre, Garmin and more for easy data collection and biometric monitoring

Symptom Tracking

Monitoring symptoms alongside GLP-1 dosage helps to ensure you don’t titrate up too quickly.

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Len Pastrano

Clinical pharmacist specializing in cellular optimization medicine. Owner of nuBioAge, a wellness network focused on helping practitioners develop customized protocols for their patients to optimize outcomes. Leonard is a certified instructor for peptide therapy clinical training. He is a faculty member at Seeds Scientific Research and Performance.

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We track hunger on the dashboard as part of our GLP-1 program. This helps us personalize dosage for each client.

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Automatic weekly injection reminders help keep clients on track.

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Engage clients with notifications to highlight successful weight loss and other positive trends
Beautiful dashboards and charts to help patients track their own progress
Flag abnormal values
Automated alerts can flag instances where client weight loss is happening too fast (or too slow).

Customize additional alerts to match your protocols

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Protocol adherence
Protocol adherence
Customized reports to track protocol adherence and flag clients who are falling off the program.
Track DEXA and InBody results

Easily import results from DEXA and InBody into the client’s chart to see the trends from these advanced body composition tests

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Integrate lab test results

Go beyond tracking weight loss. Easily upload lab results to monitor changes in lipids, Hba1c, hormones and more.


Connect Rupa Health for automatic lab sync (coming soon)

RPM ready

For insurance-participanting practices, our automated reports make it easy to bill for Remote Patient Monitoring

Symptome Tracker
Protocol adherence
Outcomes at scale

Our cohort analysis reports can track success of the overall program across all clients

Other Programs We Support

Our industry-leading connected health platform has the flexibility to assist with a wide range of use cases:

Clinical and wellness research studies


Custom solutions to meet your needs


Sports, high performance and health optimization


Concierge medicine


Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)


Integrative and precision medicine

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