Concierge Lab Data Mapping Services

Do you have valuable patient health data locked inside PDF files or spreadsheets and want that data added to your client’s dashboards for you?

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Welcome To Heads Up’s Concierge

Done-For-You Data Mapping Services

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Save hundreds of hours per year by leveraging this done-for-you service.

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See the big picture quickly by improving the visibility of your patient’s disconnected lab results and seeing them charted in a graph over time.

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Greater workflow efficiency, lower costs, and better outcomes.

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Simply upload your client’s health data files and the Heads Up data team will securely input it into the system for you to easily analyze anytime.


Turn around time is 3 business days from import.

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Dr. Kristine Burke - True Health CFM

Fully certified in Functional Medicine
Transform all of those old disconnected health records into clean, organized, and modernized charts for easy interpretation
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Getting Started

Uploading Health Data

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Login to your Heads Up account. If you don’t have one, create a free account.

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Navigate to the client table.

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Click Concierge on the top right side of the screen.

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Select the files you want to upload and the users you want to assign them to.

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Click upload.

Concierge Service Works For You:

After 3 business days, the data will be mapped. You can then go into your client’s labs page and view the table and trends charting to see the historical views.

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Video Walk-Through:

What other programs do we support?

Our industry-leading connected health platform has the flexibility to assist with a wide range of use cases:


Clinical and wellness research studies


Custom solutions to meet your needs


Sports, high performance and health optimization


Concierge medicine


Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)


Integrative and precision medicine

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