Transform Your Health Records With Concierge Service

Paper records and PDF files – what a mess!

Heads Up Health can electronically connect to over 3,000 medical facilities and automatically synchronize your health records. That said, many of us still have valuable data sitting in paper records, PDF files, spreadsheets and other formats that don’t easily integrate into your Heads Up profile. What to do with this valuable data?

Concierge Service

Available from Heads Up Health, does all the tedious work of manually entering this data into your Heads Up profile. The service will transform all of those pesky old health records into clean and modern charts and graphs. You end up with a complete health portfolio to make empowered decisions around your health.


Specifically, Concierge Service provides:

  • One-on-one consultation with our medical records professionals
  • Concierge will explain the service in detail and answer any questions
  • Guidance on how to contact your current and past physicians to request records
  • Provide you with a free estimate before starting any work

Upon your approval of the estimate, Concierge Service will then manually enter all relevant health data into your Heads Up profile.

Transition to a modernized health portfolio available at your fingertips

I had ten years of medical data sitting in paper records and PDF files. Thanks to Concierge Service I can now use this data for better decision making and self-monitoring. It was really useful to see a complete medical history in Heads Up without the tedium of entering verbose lab results myself.

Bill Schueller

Austin, TX, Read Bill's Story

Transform Your Health Records

Transform Your Health Records

Getting Started

There are two easy ways to get started with Concierge:

  1. Upload documents into your Concierge Service folder:
    • As soon as you upload any document into your ‘Concierge Service’ folder, our professionals will automatically be notified and reach out to you via e-mail to provide an estimate and answer any questions.
  2. Request more information via e-mail:
    • If you’d like more information before uploading your documents, just send an e-mail to Concierge Service and we can answer your initial questions.

Questions? Let’s chat.

Concierge Service helped me transition years of my lab values from an Excel spreadsheet into a beautiful user interface. Concierge Service is a great solution for individuals who don’t have the time to do this work themselves.
Jeremy G

Hoboken, NJ