Heads Up Health E-Books Library

At Heads Up we believe empowering people with the right tools and knowledge is the key to a healthier and better community. We have written two e-books free for anyone to download.

“The Ultimate Healthy Fasting Guide” 

Think fasting isn’t for you? Prepare to change how you look at food, hunger and health with this in-depth, ultimate guide to healthy fasting. Written by Dr. John Limunsky, MD Chief Medical Officer at Heads Up. 

“How to Track The Keto Diet to Achieve Your Health Goals”

This guide is intended for people who want to properly track the low-carb ketogenic lifestyle. The guide will show you which metrics to track, how to track them, and how to personalize low-carb keto with actionable data.

Heads Up Supports Healthy Lifestyles

Configure a personal dashboard to support any health goal. Keto? Fasting? Weight Loss? Body Building? Build your dashboard and gain visibility into your health like never before.

Monitor Your Fasting Intervals

Use our fasting timer in conjunction with your healthy lifestyle to see how your blood sugar, ketones and more change before, during and after you fast.

Master Your Medical Records

We use cutting edge technology to instantly integrate lab tests from your doctor. See how your healthy lifestyle is improving your body!

Instantly see the big picture

With one click you can instantly link up all your other data sources. Instantly see all your health metrics on one beautiful dashboard.

  • Sleep metrics (Oura, Biostrap)
  • Activity & fitness (FitBit, Garmin, Apple)
  • Nutrion data (Cronometer, MyFitnessPal, MyMacros+)
  • Body composition 
  • Lab test results
  • …and much more ..

Ready to get started?