Remote Health Monitoring for Type-2 Diabetes Management

All-in-one platform for health professionals seeking to manage patients with Type-2 Diabetes. Deployed in minutes. Customized for your practice.

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Trusted by some of the most prestigious health organizations in the world

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Scale Your Diabetes Programs


Save Time

Enroll thousand patients quickly
and automate tracking of metabolic biomarkers and ketogenic protocols.

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Improve Outcomes

Use health data to create personalized protocols and continuously improve keto programs.


Grow Revenue

Expand your scope of services, offer virtual remote care and reach more clients.

How It Works


Design Your Dashboard


Setup Lab Panels


Invite & Engage Clients


Improve Outcomes

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Design Your Dashboard

Automate the process of tracking key biomarkers associated with Type 2 Diabetes. Our dashboard automatically pulls in health data from over 30 popular apps and wearables.

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  • thermometerContinuous Blood Glucose
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  • blood-pressureGlucose-Ketone Index
  • heart-hrvCarbohydrates
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Setup Your Lab Panels

Create your ideal metabolic panel using the precise lab tests that best fit your programs and protocols

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  • Customize your lab panels with any biomarker you see fit, such as Hba1c, Insulin, Glucose, TSH, Free T3, etc

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  • Customize reference ranges using any functional or optimal range you prefer.

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  • Instantly sync patient results from Quest Diagnostics, LabCorp and thousands of other providers nationwide.
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Invite & Engage Clients

Easily register thousands of patients with Type 2 Diabetes quickly and automate tracking of key biomarkers, symptoms, and protocols.

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Get an at-a-glance view of individuals with active alerts on symptoms or biometrics

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Use tags to filter clients by programs & biomarker status

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Send progress reports that motivate clients

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Keep clients engaged with notifications & alerts

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Make food tracking easy and fun with photo food journals.

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Create Notes and Protocols

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Create and share notes during or after a client session

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Create templates of your standard protocols, supplement lists, workout plans, nutrition regimens, or anything that is part of your program.

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Manage who views the notes, sharing it with one client, multiple clients, or keeping it internal for yourself and colleagues.

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Gain Insights For Better Outcomes

Easily combine metabolic and lifestyle data on a single graph to truly see patterns of optimal health.

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  • Customize your lab panels with biomarkers you choose such as Hba1c, Insulin, Fasting Glucose and many others.
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  • Instantly sync patient results from Quest Diagnostics, LabCorp and thousands of other providers nationwide.
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  • Customize reference ranges using any functional or optimal range you prefer.
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  • See how over time diet, sleep and exercise improve blood glucose, fasting blood sugar and Hba1c.

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  • Gain insights into hidden symptoms by correlating up to 6 data points at a time.

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  • Continuously improve and personalize protocols for your clients based on data-driven insights.
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Your All In One Platform

With Heads Up, you have all the features you need to run and scale your practice remotely.

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Easy Registration

Enroll thousand of patients
quickly in bulk

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Create beautiful client dashboards to easily track vital health metrics

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Health Records

With one click, easily import medical records and lab tests from over 30,000 organizations

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Notes & Protocols

Create & send branded session notes, protocols and programs

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Connect to the most popular health apps and wearables

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Spot trends and gain insights with historical charts and analysis

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Send your clients branded health reports and progress updates

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Stay on top of patient vital signs with automated alerts and notifications

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Team Management

Assign team members to specific clients, groups and programs

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Mobile App

Track patient data and reporting
from anywhere

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Get client info and data loaded for you with personal set-up

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HIPAA protection for all patients’ health information and business associates


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