Now integrated: Rupa + Heads Up

Heads Up and Rupa have combined to create a powerful new solution for analyzing diagnostic lab data.


Ditch the PDF files

Automatic data extraction technology takes data out of PDF files and into powerful charts and graphs.
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No more painstaking side-by-side PDF files trying to assess progress from one test to the next.
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See the big picture with diagnostic data from all conventional and functional labs on a single screen.
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Trend lines with reference ranges enable easy analysis
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Dr. Sara Korsunsky ND

Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine
Our integrative oncology program relies on a wide range of diagnostic testing. The hardest part is getting all the data organized so we can see the trends. Heads Up has saved our clinic hundreds of hours and completely removed this burden from our staff. Providers and patients both love it.
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Take back your time

Easy ordering through Rupa combined with Heads Up data extraction and visualization saves countless hours for your clinic.
Easy ordering through Rupa saves time on the front-end when ordering tests
Heads Up technology takes patient charting from hours to seconds
Redirect valuable clinician time from preparing charts to caring for patients
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Dr. Kristine Burke

True Health Functional Medicine Practice
We use a mix of conventional and functional diagnostic lab testing in our practice. Heads Up has turned a mess of PDF files and patient portals into beautiful charts and graphs. Analyses that used to take our MDs several hours to prepare can now be done in minutes. Our patients love it too! They get to see the full picture of their health in a powerful centralized portal.

Delight your patients

Deliver a world-class user experience to your clients with an elegant portal for reviewing lab results and much more!

Simple and powerful charts help patients track lab results as they follow your protocols.

Heads Up technology takes patient charting from hours to seconds

Keep clients on track and engaged with secure messaging, coaching notes, scheduled reminders and other collaboration tools.

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Analyze cohorts and outcomes in real-time

Advanced reporting tools can be customized to help you find precise signals in the data, track outcomes at the cohort level and more.
Centralized reports make it easy to identify out-of-range results from any lab test
Analyze outcomes in real-time across patient cohorts

Develop custom algorithms and reports to analyze complex correlations across multiple data points.

See the big picture

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Integrate additional patient generated data from medical devices (e.g Dexcom, Libre), advanced wearables (Oura, Apple Watch), health apps (Strava, MyFitnessPal) and more
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Capture data from standardized assessments (i.e. PROMIS), surveys intake forms and other subjective data
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Organize and analyze the metrics that matter most for your programs
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Customized to meet your needs

Customize the user experience to match your protocols and workflows. 
Set your own functional reference for lab results
Seamlessly embed the user experience inside your existing EHR
Private label the entire experience with your branding
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How it works

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Link your Rupa account to Heads Up
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Order lab results through the Rupa portal
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Get notified when results have automatically synchronized with Heads Up
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Leverage the Heads Up platform for all your data analysis needs


What are the requirements for the Rupa-Heads Up integration?
Provider must have an active account with both Rupa and Heads Up
Can I order labs through the Heads Up system?
No. You will need to order through the Rupa portal. Only results are synchronized with Heads Up.
Can Heads Up also process data from Quest, Labcorp and other labs?
Yes the Heads Up system can ingest data from any lab and organize the data consistently. Simply upload the PDF results using our and it will be processed into the patient’s chart
Will Heads Up sign a BAA with our practice?
Yes – all practices will have a BAA in place with Heads Up as part of the registration process. If you would prefer to use your own BAA please contact our team to make arrangements
Will all historical data ordered through Rupa sync with Heads Up?
Yes – after you connect Rupa to Heads Up the system will sync all historical results from Rupa and visualize the data using the Heads Up interface

What other programs do we support?

Our industry-leading connected health platform has the flexibility to assist with a wide range of use cases:

Clinical and wellness research studies


Custom solutions to meet your needs


Sports, high performance and health optimization


Concierge medicine


Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)


Integrative and precision medicine

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