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Instantly sync your Keto-Mojo with Heads Up. Create your customized keto dashboard and see the big picture of your low-carb keto lifestyle!

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“Heads Up is the perfect place for Keto-Mojo users to track, trend and compare their readings alongside all of their other vital health metrics. We are excited about our partnership and working closely with the Heads Up team on more great features. Stay tuned!”

Instantly Sync Your Keto-Mojo

Create Your Keto Dashboard

Take a deeper dive into your metrics and define what matters most to you with a fully customized dashboard. See everything with a wider scope to gain full control over your health metrics.

Track the Glucose-Ketone Index

We instantly calculate the GKI. Track and trend this important metric alongside all other health metrics.

Monitor Your Fasting Intervals

Use our fasting timer and your Keto-Mojo to see how your blood sugar, ketones and GKI change before, during and after you fast.

Master Your Medical Records

We use cutting edge technology to instantly integrate lab tests from your doctor. See how your low-carb keto lifestyle is improving your health!

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Instantly see the big picture

With one click you can instantly link up all your other data sources. Instantly see all your health metrics on one beautiful dashboard.

  • Sleep metrics (Oura, Biostrap)
  • Activity & fitness (FitBit, Garmin, Apple)
  • Nutrion data (Cronometer, MyFitnessPal, MyMacros+)
  • Body composition 
  • Lab test results
  • …and much more ..

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