Heads Up brings Concierge practices a powerful solution for optimizing sleep, physical recovery, stress and much more.

Now integrated: Oura + Heads Up

Heads Up and Oura have partnered to bring Concierge practices a powerful solution for optimizing sleep, physical recovery, stress and much more.

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Heads Up is Trusted by over 50,000+ Customers

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Oura: Give Your Body a Voice

Oura Ring brings industry-leading accuracy, style and sophistication to your Concierge programs.

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Use Oura insights to recommend lifestyle factors covering sleep, heart health, early sickness detection, physical activity, physical recovery, women’s health and stress.


Be first to know when something is off before your patient even picks up the phone.


Precisely monitor over 20 biometric signals, such as pulse, skin temperature trends, and blood oxygen levels to better understand your patient’s health and wellness

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Sherry Brewer


We use Oura Ring and Heads Up in our auto-immune program. Our coaches use the data to educate patients on how to properly manage their sleep and heart rate variability to minimize auto-immune flare ups.


See the big picture

Heads Up is a connected health platform designed to centralize all patient health data, including Oura insights, into simple and powerful dashboards, reports and patient engagement tools.

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Integrate data from FDA-approved medical devices (e.g Dexcom, Libre), advanced wearables (Oura Ring, Withings), health apps (Strava, MyFitnessPal) and more.


Integrate diagnostic data from Quest, Labcorp, DEXA, InBody, Rupa, Dutch, Genova and more

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Deliver concierge care with data-driven patient engagement tools

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Innocent Clement

Ciba Health

We use Oura Ring, Abbott Freestyle Libre and Withings blood pressure devices in our Type 2 Diabetes program.
The Heads Up platform stitches all the data together into one seamless picture of patient health with the tools we need for advanced patient care.”

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Insights Faster with Oura + Heads Up

Oura’s health insights directly integrate into the Heads Up connected health platform enabling Concierge practices to deliver next-generation health and wellness programs.


One centralized platform to deliver remote health programs to patients anywhere in the world.


Manage Oura data easily across the entire practice with pre-built reports, leaderboards, and cohort analysis tools.


Consolidate all of your patient’s biometric health data in a platform that combines powerful analytics and coaching tools.

Exclusive Oura Ring integration + discount

Oura has launched an exclusive program for Concierge practices that integrates with Heads Up.

Save up to 25% on Oura Ring when ordered through the Heads Up platform.
Assisted onboarding for your patients to connect their Oura Ring along with other devices, lab results and other data.
Instant access for practitioners to review and analyze Oura Ring data and other vital health metrics through the Heads Up platform.
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Transform Patient Care with Oura Ring Monitoring

Oura Ring allows healthcare providers to monitor patients remotely, providing daily feedback on sleep, stress, and sickness detection, enabling personalized programs and progress tracking.

Stay connected to patients between office visits with daily biofeedback from Oura Ring
Create new programs around sleep hygiene, stress management, early sickness detection and more.

Track outcomes and show patients their trends over time

sachin patel

Sachin Patel

Founder – Living Proof Institute

We include an Oura Ring with all our new Concierge patients. The analytics from Heads Up help us calibrate protocols in real-time for each client and measure outcomes across the entire practice.

Attract & Retain.

Bundling Oura Ring with your Concierge program is a powerful tool to attract patients seeking the next level on their health optimization journey.

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don moxley

Don Moxley

Longevity Labs

We used Oura Ring and Heads Up to validate the efficacy of our new supplement protocol. The reporting tools made analyzing data a breeze. We could easily see which participants were responding well and which ones needed additional personalization.

Customized for your practice. Deployed in minutes.

The Heads Up solution can be custom branded and integrated directly into your existing EHR or practice management system

Customize the user experience to match your exact programs and protocols


Easily integrate into your existing EHR or practice management system

Access data programmatically via the Oura API and data lake house solutions (ask your developer…)
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How it works

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Schedule a discovery call with our team to discuss your goals

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Create your Heads Up professional account

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Order Oura Ring for your patients directly through the Heads Up portal
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Get notified when your patient’s Oura Ring is connected and data is ready for review
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Leverage the Heads Up team for training and enabling practitioners in your organization
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Optimize your patient’s health with the Oura Ring and Heads Up solution


What are the requirements for the Oura Ring + Heads Up integration?
You must have an active account with Heads Up and can order Oura Ring for your patients within the Heads Up system.
Will there be training and support on how to use and interpret Oura data?
You must have an active account with Heads Up and can order Oura Ring for your patients within the Heads Up system.
How do I get the 20-25% discount?
You must have an active account with Heads Up and can order Oura Ring for your patients within the Heads Up system.
Will Heads Up sign a BAA with our practice?
Yes – all practices will have a BAA in place with Heads Up as part of the registration process. If you would prefer to use your own BAA please contact our team to make arrangements
Will I receive Marketing Materials for my in-person practice?
You must have an active account with Heads Up and can order Oura Ring for your patients within the Heads Up system.

What other programs do we support?

Our industry-leading connected health platform has the flexibility to assist with a wide range of use cases:

Clinical and wellness research studies


Custom solutions to meet your needs


Sports, high performance and health optimization


Concierge medicine


Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)


Integrative and precision medicine