Ep 49 – Jim Howard – Biosense releases breakthrough ketone testing technology

May 31, 2020 | Podcast

Biosense releases an at-home breath ketone testing device for both consumers and clinical settings after three years of extensive lab development and clinical trial. This device allows clients to self monitor their breath ketones at home, which in conjunction with food journaling, or other metrics can provide invaluable insight into what is contributing to weight gain, high blood sugar, metabolic syndrome, and more while utilizing a ketogenic diet.

The Biosense testing device is non-invasive allowing clients to test without poking their fingers for a blood sample, increasing testing compliance. Increased compliance provides your client and you with better data to evaluate and customize a plan for their goals. It’s also incredibly small so that you can take it with you anywhere, and requires no calibration before use.

Measuring deep lung air and eliminates contamination from ambient air, providing the user with highly accurate, dependable results, requiring no testing strips to purchase or worry about running out of.

Join Heads Up founder Dave Korsunsky as he discusses the Biosense meter with Jim Howard, and how it’s use can revolutionize your keto compliance and results with your clients, especially when combined with other data tracking through Heads Up.

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In this podcast you’ll learn:

  • About the consistency of measurement with Biosense, which provides a 24-hour graph in-app to see your progression throughout the day [8:00]
  • How the Biosense device is providing agency to allow people to decide for themselves by seeing feedback throughout the day to know what the consequences of their actions are and act accordingly for their goals [8:25]
  • Jim Howard educates how Biosense technology testing differs from acetone testing due to Biosense using a deep lung air sample with a closed flow cell so it’s not sampling ambient air [9:18]
  • This device can fit in your pocket and only weighs a couple of ounces so it can be utilized anywhere and is the only device out there backed by a clinical trial [10:15]
  • Biosense can be purchased as a consumer or clinic use and is involved in 4 upcoming trials as a non-invasive testing device [11:00]
  • How much higher compliance is for use due to the non-invasive testing [12:20]
  • How clinics and coaches can see the data from their patients throughout the day and correlate it with the food, insulin and other metrics they have to see how compliant patients are and how effective their protocol is [12:30]
  • That testing can show more visibility of how compliant a client is throughout the day, rather than just once a day testing [13:10]
  • About a clinic in Washington State that was able to adapt to virtual visits early and roll out the program seamlessly while having patients track their breath ketones at home easily as well as other metrics that is using Biosense technology [14:13]
  • Looking at adherence to the program as the patients are able to give feedback, knowing that they are going to test throughout the day [15:25]
  • About the coach-client compliance and improved results as clients can start to make their own connections between diet, sleep, exercise and ketones [17:00]
  • About the effects of being home due to COVID-19 and how rebuilding your immune system and metabolic health will be key to returning to the world and how to utilize Heads Up and Biosense as a strategy[18:20]
  • How COVID is shifting health responsibility back to the patient or client and that can be empowering if they choose [19:10]
  • That half of the population will be obese in the US by 2030 if we do not course correct with our diets and metabolic health [21:30]
  • How we may see more health plans and other organizations utilize these tools [24:50]
  • Biosense works with clinics for Alzheimer’s, diabetes, obesity, and oncology that are utilizing their device for ketogenic diet support [25:50]
  • How the device can easily be utilized while out running errands or at home increasing compliance [26:50]
  • The device is firmware updatable [27:20]
  • The device is available in the USA currently, just released in Canada, and coming to Europe estimated by the end of the year. [28:10]
  • The Biosense device gives you feedback that the test was performed correctly, with consistent accurate readings, and does not require calibration. [28:25]
  • Biosense offers a much more accurate reading as it’s measuring deep lung air, rather than just providing a red yellow green reading for example. [29:30]
  • Biosense is targeted to the consumer to use on a regular basis and expected to last at least 2 years before estimating that it will need to be recalibrated or tuned up. [30:30]

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