The Living Proof Institute is a trusted functional wellness and lifestyle practice based in Canada that leverages remote patient monitoring (RPM) for their functional wellness programs.

Living Proof’s transformational functional wellness programs use the Oura ring digital health device along with a customized Heads Up dashboard to enable effective RPM.

The Living Proof Institute leverages a team of functional medicine practitioners and health coaches for client behavioral and lifestyle changes, client engagement, and outcomes research from their RPM program.

Integrating RPM and Heads Up technology into the practice has expanded options for cost-efficient and continuous client health monitoring, increased client engagement, and created opportunities for aggregate data collection and analysis.


The Living Proof Institute was established in 2011 by founder and CEO Dr. Sachin Patel, a chiropractor, functional medicine practice success coach, author, international speaker, and philanthropist.

Dr. Patel’s career began as a chiropractor for sports, soft tissue injuries, and repetitive sports injuries. During this time, he realized that many of his clients primarily had chronic health issues, which led him to functional medicine.

The Living Proof Institute was created with a commitment to helping clients find the root of their health challenges so that their bodies could heal themselves.

Today, the Institute provides simple, practical, and affordable solutions that promote self-care and personal responsibility. This allows for client empowerment to be able to create abundant health from the comfort of their homes.

Three major pillars for health in Living Proof’s philosophy on longevity is to support an individual’s breathing, circadian rhythms, and sleep quality. The Institute offers one-on-one and group Functional Wellness programs, a self-paced online program, and an email-based free program.

With their innovative approach to longevity and functional medicine, the Living Proof Institute stands out for their clinical and business practices across the world.

Business Challenges

Heads Up Health worked with the Living Proof Institute to create a Remote Patient Monitoring solution to address their unique challenges:

  • Objective biomarker data
    • As an integrative medical practice based in Canada, chiropractors at Living Proof experienced challenges in being able to directly order lab tests for their clients. The practice needed to find a way to get biomarkers to assess client health without using expensive, invasive lab testing.
  • Comprehensive data collection
    • For their health coaching program, The Living Proof Institute needed a way to seamlessly integrate data from client journals and cutting-edge wearable devices (Oura ring) into a centralized dashboard.
  • Passive data collection
    • The functional wellness programs relied on active data collection from methods such as HeartMath, which led to incomplete client-led data collection. They needed a solution that could passively collect biometric data from clients, aggregate data, and make it easier to conduct research on client outcomes.
  • Uniform client experience
    •  The practitioners work with clients internationally and required commercially-available options that could be used throughout.

Technology Solutions

Heads Up worked with Living Proof to create a technology solution to help meet their unique needs. Heads Up helped the practice integrate the Oura ring, the top-of-the-line sleep and activity tracker, into monitoring parasympathetic nervous system activity and improving client outcomes.

Heads Up also created a custom and centralized dashboard for clients to communicate with their functional medicine practitioners and health coaches at the Living Proof Institute.

Oura Ring Integration

The Oura ring is a highly sensitive wearable device that measures sleep, activity, and body stress signals. 

The primary biomarker used by the Living Proof Institute to assess client health is heart rate variability (HRV). This biomarker correlates to autonomic nervous system activity, and physiological changes from sympathetic to parasympathetic nervous system activity, indicative of healing and resilience down to the cellular level.

Variations in HRV can be related to changes in illness, hydration status, sleep quality, physical and mental stress, and diet quality.

In addition to HRV, the Oura ring allows for daily monitoring of respiratory rate, heart rate, deep sleep, temperature, and REM – key lifestyle factors that cannot be measured with bloodwork.

Customized Dashboard

Heads Up created a dashboard to integrate Oura ring data and self-reported client data into a single location for clients and providers. The Living Proof Institute utilizes the reports features to highlight client progress and personalize lifestyle recommendations.

Health Coach

The Living Proof Institute leverages health coaches to support its RPM programs.

 Health coach Alice Modrzejewski from the Institute runs one of the functional wellness programs. She works with clients to onboard them for ordering and sizing their Oura rings, connecting them to the Heads Up platform, and providing individualized coaching support for the length of the program.

As a health coach, Alice utilizes the Heads Up dashboard to create weekly reports based on Oura ring data and client inputs. The custom Heads Up dashboard allows health coaches to easily communicate with clients, give personalized recommendations, and monitor trends from lifestyle changes.

Business Outcomes

By using the remote monitoring solution created by Heads Up, the Living Proof Institute was able to achieve the following outcomes:

Increased Client Empowerment

Thanks to RPM and data generated from the Oura ring, clients are able to see nuanced changes in HRV from day to day, instead of fragmented quarterly changes seen in traditional lab testing.

Health coaches review Heads Up Health Reports with clients during follow-ups, highlighting changes in sleep, HRV, and other metrics.

As a result, clients have an increased awareness of their health status and the impact of their lifestyle choices and can see the real-time impact of functional wellness intervention. Clients are more motivated to continue healthy lifestyle modification, even after the end of their program.

Improved Data Collection

Thanks to passive data collection from the Oura ring, HRV data uptake is nearly 100%. Data collection is also more comprehensive, being able to track daily changes in HRV and other biometric data that cannot be obtained from traditional lab work.

With the technology solution from Heads Up, the Living Proof Incident can automatically collect and aggregate client data from wearable devices and self-report, analyze health trends, and more easily conduct outcomes research.


The Living Proof Institute is a trailblazing leader in functional medicine practices to support client vitality through behavioral and lifestyle changes to support optimal breathing, circadian rhythms, and sleep quality.

Their programs integrate Oura ring digital health device data with interview-driven client data, and individualized support from health coaches and practitioners. Heart rate variability tracking is at the center of monitoring client progress and outcomes.

To address Living Proof’s issues of incomplete data collection, difficulty getting objective client biomarkers, and centralized data collection, Heads Up created a seamless experience for practitioners, health coaches, and clients.

The Institute now uses HRV, an accurate biomarker for functional practices that is accessible to clients in all countries.

With passive data collection, the Living Proof Institute has a more comprehensive data set from clients that can be used to study client outcomes.

Lastly, clients are more motivated and empowered to make lifestyle changes thanks to a centralized dashboard making communication with health coaches and monitoring of their health status easier.

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