Join us in today’s episode as we talk about the science of longevity, epigenetics, and its profound implications for understanding the aging process with Ryan Smith, the visionary founder of TruDiagnostic.

Ryan Smith’s journey into the realm of healthcare innovation began with a bold vision to redefine how we perceive age. With a deep understanding of epigenetics and a commitment to advancing personalized medicine, Ryan embarked on a mission to predict biological age outcomes and longevity with unprecedented accuracy. 

Through TruDiagnostic’s groundbreaking research, they have achieved an astonishing 92% accuracy rate in predicting outcomes based on biological age, revolutionizing disease prevention and treatment strategies. TruDiagnostic has developed cutting-edge algorithms to interpret methylation data, offering valuable insights into inflammatory markers, disease diagnosis, aging pace, cellular replication, and more.

Join us for this exciting episode as we discuss the amazing research that shows us the research behind longevity, quantifying the aging process, and understanding how our past experiences and traumas are stored in our DNA through an extraordinary mind-body connection. We talk about how these advancements in research can help us accurately predict biological outcomes and detect diseases such as cancer at an earlier rate.

Through TruDiagnostic’s pioneering work, we can gain a deeper understanding of how we can harness the power of epigenetics to live healthier, longer lives.

HIGHLIGHTS Of The Data Driven Podcast

[2:10] Origins of TruDiagnostic

[5:14] Longevity – Reframing the Way We See Age

[7:50] Unpacking the Science of Epigenetics

[11:53] Predicting Outcomes with Biological Age

[17:00] How TruDiagnostic Prioritizes Cost-Effective Lab Testing

[19:15] Understanding the Difference between Genetics and Epigenetics

[20:20] How Our History, Trauma, and Other Neurological Conditions Is Stored in Our DNA

[25:30] Studying the Mind-Body Connection

[31:15] Learning How We Can Age at a Better Pace

Work with Ryan Smith of TruDiagnostic:

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