Psychedelic therapy has become a leading proponent in accessing deep trauma and unlocking profound healing — but how does it work when treating eating disorders and obesity? 

Join us for an eye-opening episode with functional nutritionist Jillian Acosta who advocates for the healing power of psychedelics in rewiring our personal relationship with food, accessing personal trauma, and restructuring our inner world.

Jillian Acosta is a leading functional dietician and nutritionist with a passion for serving clients struggling with disordered eating. 

She founded The Root Cause Method in 2020 where she combines her expertise in biochemistry and physiology with her passion for patient-centered, trauma-informed care to create a safe space for clients to heal with the help of psychedelics and other spiritual tools. 

Jillian’s philosophy revolves around the ideology that chronic illnesses and disordered eating are deeply rooted in untapped and repressed trauma. In her practice, she works with physicians who specialize in ketamine therapy to help clients transform their relationship with food and themselves.

In this episode, Jillian debunks the common misconceptions surrounding eating disorders, emphasizing that they are often not about the food itself but rather an attempt to self-soothe and emotionally regulate. 

We tackle the interconnectedness of mental and physical health with Jillian as she discusses the profound impact of thought patterns on overall well-being. With therapeutic tools like ketamine and cannabis, Jillian’s innovative “The Garden” program fosters holistic healing by addressing disordered eating from a psychological perspective.

HIGHLIGHTS Of The Data Driven Podcast

[2:00] What Does Jillian Do as a Functional Dietician/Nutritionist?

[5:45] Debunking Misconceptions Surrounding Eating Disorders

[12:35] Understanding Our Thought Patterns

[17:55] How Mental and Physical Health Perpetuate Each Other

[23:50] Using Ketamine and Cannabis as Therapeutic Tools

[27:00] Diving Into Jillian’s “The Garden Program”

[34:15] Understanding the Truth Behind Disordered Eating

[41:48] On Tracking Weight as a Trigger

[49:55] How to Get Started With Integrative Mental Health and Psychedelics

[56:00] Accessing a Psychological Blueprint Through Psychedelics

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