Enhance Your Fasting Experience With Heads Up’ Revamped Fasting Timer

We’re thrilled to introduce our latest updates to the fasting timer app features, crafted to make your fasting journey more intuitive and insightful.

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Here’s what’s new in our Fasting App.

  • Refined User Experience: Enjoy an even more user-friendly interface, making your interaction with our fasting timer effortless and enjoyable.

  • Flexible Count Up or Count Down Options: Tailor how you track time during your fast with the option to either count up from the start of your fast or count down to your fasting goal. It’s fasting, your way.

  • Customizable Preset Fasts: Personalize your fasting routines with our adaptable preset fasts, designed to fit your unique fasting schedule, whether it’s intermittent or extended.

  • Scheduled Future Fasting: Set your future fasts to automatically start counting at your chosen time. Plan ahead and stay on track with ease.

  • Seamless Health Data Integration: Get instant access to your Glucose and Ketone levels from wearable devices, right within our app. A holistic view of your health, all in one place.

  • Visualize Your Progress with Heads Up Reports: Track and analyze your fasting patterns over time. Our enhanced Heads Up Reports offer a visual representation of your fasting journey for deeper insights.

  • Fasting Summary Stats on Dashboard: Quick and easy access to your fasting statistics with our new Fasting Summary Stats feature on the dashboard. A snapshot of your recent fasting activities, just a flip away.

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Experience all these features on both our iOS mobile app and the web. Your fasting data, synchronized and accessible, whenever and wherever you need it.

If you are looking for directions on setting up your fasting timer, check out the support article.

Ready to elevate your fasting routine?