Supplement Brand Validates New HRV+ Supplement Using Decentralized Digital Health Monitoring Technology.

Supplement Brand Validates New HRV+ Supplement Using Decentralized Digital Health Monitoring Technology.

Platform Automatically Collects Sleep & Behavioral Data Through Wearables & Assessments.


Mode+Method is looking to validate a new product in the supplement space aimed at increasing a customer’s HRV with a goal of rapidly scaling sales this calendar year.

Business Challenges 

Mode+Method primary challenges were finding users to test the product, the cost of collecting, managing, and analyzing health data, finding the right partner(s), with a flexible platform. Lastly, Mode+Method did not want to be limited into taking a rigid data collection and development environment.

The end result Mode+Method aimed for:

Mode+Method needed a device-agnostic flexible software solution that could automatically capture the health data they needed while also being able to analyze it in near real-time with ease. The goal was to produce health data that can be used to build trust by making objective claims in their sales and marketing materials. 

In the future, Mode+Method wanted a model that could be replicated for discovering product opportunities and validating new products that they develop. 

Ellipse 8

We used the Heads Up platform to validate our new product targeting nocturnal Heart Rateto aggregate the study data from multiple wearable systems. The platform seamlessly ingested HRV and sleep data from Oura ring & other wearables, and the reporting tools made outcomes analysis a breeze.”

Don Moxley – Director Of Applied Sciences @ Longevity Labs (Mode+Method)

About The Industry 

The supplement industry is one of the most competitive and fastest growing industries in the United States. There are over 29,000 dietary supplements available in the U.S. market, with approximately 1,000 new supplement products being introduced to the market every year. 

Despite being such a large market, with an estimated 77% of Americans taking at least one supplement, 59% of global consumers want to see scientific evidence supporting supplement efficacy. Many factors play into this, such as legislation that limits the regulation of most dietary supplements, the presence of “snake oil” supplement brands that devalue the reputation of other brands, and limited research on the effectiveness of supplements.

The scientific awareness of the consumer has evolved post-COVID, partially thanks to new interest in longevity and immunity enhancement. Consumers are no longer only swayed by marketing techniques and older research on individual ingredients, consumers want evidence that the “specialty blends’ developed by supplement manufacturers work as advertised. 

For companies to succeed in this evolving market, validating their products and services with decentralized trials will be necessary to build trust with consumers’ purchasing decisions, answering the consumer’s authentic question of, “will this work for me?”

About HRV+

Longevity Labs, Inc, the parent company for Mode+Method, is a health and wellness research company specializing in longevity and human aging. They developed the supplement product HRV+ and designed it to optimize performance and boost Heart Rate Variability (HRV), a health marker associated with reduced morbidity and mortality. 

HRV+’s active ingredients include cannabinoids extracted from a proprietary hemp oil, curcumin, magnesium, and omega-3 oil. 

Business Challenges:

Since Mode+Method is a new supplement company, and they have aspirations to rapidly grow their new product (HRV+) in 2023. They needed a flexible research solution that is cost effective and quick to set up so that they could receive results back quickly. 

Mode+Method is focused on producing high quality supplements, and does not have the infrastructure to validate the product with an in-house technology solution. The complexity of organizing the study, obtaining participants, onboarding them, collecting the data and analyzing it needed to be achieved quickly, with help from a partner.  

Therefore, Mode+Method searched for a: 

  • Trusted partner who was well-connected to the wellness and supplement industry, and had experience in consumer health data analysis, all while providing top notch user service.
  • Research process that was simplistic both internally and for the participants.
  • Flexibility to try new ideas and possibly test new products easily.
  • Support with participant recruitment and onboarding.
  • Single platform that could accurately track biometric data from various inputs that could be easily analyzed at both an individual and cohort level.


HeadsUp Health worked with Mode+Method to create a solution that supported their research goals to validate their product (HRV+) and differentiate themselves in the supplement industry.

Collaboration & Support

  • Process Driven: Together, Mode+Method and HeadsUp created a highly collaborative and process-driven study startup based on HeadsUp’s experience. 
  • Accessible: HeadsUp works closely with clients to provide an optimal research study experience. For this project, the Mode+Method team and HeadsUp met weekly during the first 4 weeks of their collaboration,
  • Top-Notch Customer Support: HeadsUp provided consistent customer support, not just through study start, but throughout the duration of the collaboration to ensure a smooth user experience.

Speed: Up and running in weeks

  • The traditional research recruitment process can be tedious and it can take months for companies to get meaningful sample sizes of participants to validate supplement claims.
  • HeadsUp’s team simplified the process for Mode+Method by developing a recruitment plan, creating a participant onboarding experience, streamlining the consent process, and creating a customized dashboard experience for data input and collection. Together, these solutions reduced the recruitment time so that the study could be up and running in weeks.

Turnkey experience for study subjects

  • Built into HeadsUp’s system are safeguards against participant attrition, which can slow the speed of effective data collection. HeadsUp is an easy to use platform, with both customizable and intuitive-to-use desktop/mobile interfaces for participants.
  • The system allows for low-burden data collection in the form of automated data collection. HeadsUp also provides participants with a step-by-step guide concerning expectations and tasks required to be a part of the study. 

Automation & Data Visibility

  • HeadsUp’s platform is an integrative technology built around continuous remote monitoring, and supports passive data collection from multiple wearable devices and apps all in one place. In addition to other collected biometric data, Oura Ring wearables were used in the study to accurately measure HRV and other health metrics.
  • Our platform can easily generate individual reports to hone in on the effects of the supplement on a person-to-person basis, but that’s not all.
  • HeadsUp supports automated cohort analysis to ensure adherence to the protocol, help companies review macro trends across the subject population, and get real-time readings on how performance is trending – all at the click of a button. 

Tools In Action:

White-labeled web and mobile app to have unified branding.


Participant Signup

Custom signup page to promote customer trust.

Custom Video Introduction

Welcome video introduction to build a rapport with the participant and educate them on what to expect.

Participant Walkthrough

Click-by-click platform walkthrough for each participant to ensure they understand the expectations and how to use the platform.

Easy click-button consent process to simplify the onboarding experience. 

Automated Data Collection

Automatically collected data from wearable devices like Oura that can be set up in seconds.

Assessment Feature

Collect pre and post-subjective data from participants.

Customized Dashboards

Only show relevant metrics to participants. 

Signals reports

Automated cohort analysis for quick decision-making and visibility
(ex: out of range tracker, performance snapshots)



18 individuals were included in the initial cohort of the study.13 men, 5 women. The age range is from
28 to 70, average age=58.

  • Average baseline HRV score= 37.3ms RMSSD. Average score following protocol = 41msRMSSD. With average improvement of 13.24%. Results included individual improvement of 27.8%, 21.9%,17.4%, and 12.8%.
  • Average baseline AM readiness score= 78.7. Average AM readiness following protocol= 79.62 for an improvement of 1.1%. Individual improvements included 12.1% and 5.1%.
  • Average baseline sleep score 80.98. Average sleep score after protocol=82.81 for an increase of 2.3%. Individual improvements included improvements of 11.0 and 6.3%.
  • Average baseline for WHO (World Health Organization) well being survey prior to protocol=15.84. Average WHO Wellbeing score following protocol = 18.75 for an improvement of 18.4%.
  • All participants reported an improvement with individual improvements of 43%, 60% and 88%
HRV results 1


Frame 277

The Heads Up platform is the perfect solution for data-driven supplement companies who want to validate their supplement’s outcomes using near real-time tracking tools that quickly and easily quantify changes to users’ health data from an individual to the cohort level. If you are looking for software and support validating your supplement or health solution, schedule a discovery call with our support team and we’ll be happy to help you.

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Ciba Health: Remote Patient Monitoring for Type 2 Diabetes with Freestyle Libre, Withings and Oura Ring

Ciba Health: Remote Patient Monitoring for Type 2 Diabetes with Freestyle Libre, Withings and Oura Ring

Powerful Life-Saving Prevention Technology


Ciba Health is a tech-forward virtual chronic disease reversal platform successfully leveraging Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) for their Type 2 Diabetes Reversal program.

Ciba’s RPM program leverages cutting-edge digital health devices including the Freestyle Libre Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM), Oura ring, Withings scale, and Withings blood pressure cuff for a complete connected care solution.

The Ciba RPM program leverages a multidisciplinary team of physicians, dietitians, and health coaches for patient engagement, goal setting, lifestyle modification, and running the day-to-day operations of the RPM program.

The RPM program has created new revenue opportunities for Ciba Health inside the payer system, delivered quantified improvements in patient outcomes, and has positioned Ciba Health as a category-leading integrative practice with sophisticated RPM capabilities.

Ciba has selected Heads Up as the software platform for their RPM program. The Heads Up dashboard integrates seamlessly into the Ciba Health EHR system to facilitate data aggregation, analysis, alerting, reporting, RPM billing, and much more.

About Ciba Health

Ciba Health was founded in late 2019 by Dr. Innocent Clement, a trained physician, and former CEO and Co-Founder of Kaia Health Inc., a digital therapeutic company. The formation of Ciba Health was a response to the pitfalls of the conventional medical model, and an understanding that holistic, patient-centric care was essential for patient health.

Ciba Health is powered by the mission to provide better healthcare by researching the unique biochemistry of every patient, offering tools to practice better self-care, preventing diseases, and encouraging people to live their life to their fullest. Personalize, prevent, and educate—that’s the Ciba Health motto for creating healthcare that truly cares.

Ciba offers programs in Advanced Primary Care, Type 2 Diabetes Reversal and Depression & Anxiety Breakthrough and Digestive Health

Remote Patient Monitoring Overview

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is a system in which digital technologies are used to monitor and capture physiological data from patients at home. The data is monitored and reviewed by healthcare providers for personalized patient care.

Clinics and providers that use RPM can bill and submit claims for RPM services to healthcare payer systems through the use of CPT codes.

These codes assist in healthcare documentation and can be used for processing claims and billing, reporting medical procedures and services, and evaluating the utilization of healthcare services.

The primary CPT codes used for Remote Patient Monitoring include the following:

  • CPT Code 99453: the initial patient education on the medical device and training on the proper use
  • CPT Code 99454: the monthly remote monitoring of physiological parameters by wearable devices, includes provision and programming of device
  • CPT Code 99457: monthly billing for care management and coordination, requiring 20 minutes of interactive virtual care
  • CPT Code 99458: billing for additional time spent with the patient beyond the initial 20 minutes, billed in 20-minute increments

Business Challenges

Heads Up worked with Ciba Health to create a Remote Patient Monitoring platform to address their unique challenges:

  • Device data fragmentation
    • The Ciba RPM program leverages best-in-class devices (Libre, Oura, and Withings). Ciba Health needed a solution to seamlessly integrate data from multiple devices onto centralized dashboards for both patients and providers.
  • Diagnostic lab testing
    • In addition to integrating device data, Ciba Health needed an RPM platform that could also track lab tests including lipid panels, metabolic markers (Hba1c), functional diagnostic testing (Great Plains, Dutch, etc.), and much more.
  • EHR integration & white-label ready
    • Ciba Health needed an RPM solution that could integrate directly with their EHR system to simplify the user experience for both patients and providers. As part of the integrated solution, Ciba wanted to use their own branding on the patient-facing dashboard.
  • Advanced analytics
    • Ciba Health needed a platform with the analytics capabilities for their data science team to measure outcomes across their entire Type 2 Diabetes Reversal program.
  • Patient engagement
    • Ciba Health leverages FMCA health coaches for patient engagement. They needed an RPM platform that could integrate health coaching with biometric data from the devices as part of their RPM patient engagement strategy.
  • Lifestyle medicine
    • Ciba Health needed an RPM solution that would enable monitoring lifestyle factors including diet, sleep, stress, and exercise. Visibility into these lifestyle factors is a key part of Ciba’s holistic approach to Type 2 Diabetes Management.
  • Increase revenue
    • Ciba Health was seeking to explore revenue opportunities that rely on tracking RPM billing eligibility for each CPT code and export data in a customized format for their billing team.

Technology Solution

Heads Up was selected as the technology vendor to meet both Ciba Health’s business and practice needs for their RPM solution.

Customized Dashboards

Heads Up created a dashboard to integrate all of the devices and data required for the RPM program. Libre, Withings, and Oura all seamlessly integrate into a single view for patients and providers.

Open Client Dashboard Chiba@2x

Integrated Lab Testing

Ciba Health uses a combination of conventional lab testing (Hba1c, lipid panels etc.) and functional diagnostic testing. The RPM portal was also configured with the ability to track diagnostic lab testing alongside the device data.

EHR Integration

The dashboard was directly embedded into the Ciba Health EHR system and uses single-sign-on (SSO) for a seamless user experience.Screenshot 2021 03 15 at 19.20.47

Advanced Analytics

Customized data exports are delivered each month to the Ciba data science team. Outcomes can be analyzed across the entire patient base. As the data set grows, Ciba can start to apply machine learning and AI to learn more about how their programs are performing.

Customized Billing Reports

Customized reports are delivered to Ciba throughout each calendar month. These reports help determine where there are clinically relevant RPM related billing opportunities each month.

RPM Ciba 1

Train Health Coaches

Consistent with their high standards as a virtual functional medicine practice, Ciba Health hired health coaches certified by the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (FMCA). 

The FCMA health coaching program is considered a gold standard in functional medicine, and is the only program designed and delivered in collaboration with the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM).

These coaches were then trained through the Heads Up University RPM Certification Course for health coaches. This program consists of seven video modules and additional resources that cover how to get started with RPM, coding and billing, medical protocols, and legal considerations for RPM.

As a result of this training, the Ciba Health coaches are better equipped to manage the day-to-day of the RPM programs and can use the incoming data as opportunities to check-in with patients.

Business Outcomes

Using the remote monitoring solution created by Heads Up, Ciba Health was able to achieve the following outcomes.

Increased Revenue

Ciba Health has enrolled in the payer system and is now generating claims revenue for their RPM services. With a proven RPM solution in place, Ciba Health is preparing to scale their RPM revenue as they bring on new clients.

Improved Outcomes

Using the data generated from their RPM program, Ciba Health is able to quantify outcomes both at the individual level and at the cohort level to validate their program’s efficacy. 

These outcomes are published on their website and used in other outbound communications.


Testimonials From Patients About Ciba’s Type 2 Diabetes Reversal Program

Increased engagement

Instead of waiting several months between doctor visits and conventional lab test results, Ciba health coaches and providers can use patient-generated data for real-time biofeedback.

Data from the devices creates new opportunities for Ciba Health coaches to engage patients and guide them toward health lifestyle modification.

Additionally, patients learn to use the data from the devices themselves to make healthy corrections to diet and lifestyle.

Summary and CTA

Ciba Health has developed an industry-leading Remote Patient Monitoring program for Type 2 Diabetes built on the Heads Up connected care platform.

The program integrates the latest digital health devices from Oura, Abbott (Freestyle Libre) and Withings combined with diagnostic lab testing.

FMCA-certified health coaches are trained to manage the RPM program and integrate biometric data into patient coaching.

Ciba Health is leveraging objective clinical and lifestyle data to study outcomes as their programs scales.

Lastly, new revenue streams are now available to Ciba as Remote Patient Monitoring continues to expand.

Interested in exploring a custom-built program for your practice?


GladdMD Provides Remote Ketogenic Coaching with Heads Up and Keto-Mojo

GladdMD Provides Remote Ketogenic Coaching with Heads Up and Keto-Mojo

About GladdMD

GladdMD is an Indiana-based integrative practice that sees clients both in-person and remotely from all over the world. They rely heavily on their relationships with patients and aim to partner with them on their journey to optimal health.

GladdMD was founded in 2010 and is headed up by Dr. Jeff Gladd, a physician entrepreneur and sought-after expert who turned to integrative medicine after his own health journey and education through the University of Arizona Integrative Medicine fellowship. GladdMD provides a holistic approach to patient health blending conventional and functional approaches with a customized diet, nutrition, and lifestyle interventions.

Business challenges

GladdMD runs a number of different health optimization programs with their clients. These programs are offered virtually with one-on-one consultations and group visits. 

By adding a remote monitoring component to their ketogenic weight loss program, GladdMD was seeking to address a number of challenges:

  • Without an easy way to monitor glucose and ketone readings on a daily basis, it was difficult for GladdMD clients to objectively verify if clients were in ketosis.
  • With no solution for remote data collection, it was challenging for GladdMD to personalize the program for each client. 
  • Without a centralized dashboard, tracking weight loss outcomes at the individual and cohort level was challenging and relied on self-reports from users, spreadsheets and other cumbersome tools.
  • For clients who have out-of-network health insurance coverage, providing super bills for reimbursement would allow GladdMD to help clients offset the cost of the program and scale the program to more clients
Dashboard Gladd@1x

Technology solution: Heads Up & Keto-Mojo

The goal for Heads Up was to create a technology solution for GladdMD to support their unique needs. Heads Up created a custom, centralized dashboard to improve quality of client data tracking and health program personalization.

In addition to this, Keto Mojo, the glucose and ketone meter used by GladdMD for their ketogenic weight loss program is able to be easily integrated into the Heads Up software.

  • Remote Patient Monitoring Solution
    • One of the main challenges that GladdMD faced in their ketogenic weight loss program was accurate and easy monitoring of glucose and ketone readings for their clients.
    • Using Heads Up’s wearable integration technology, GladdMD can easily access daily readings from the Keto Mojo wearable, verify the state of ketosis, and improve the efficiency of program personalization.
  • Additional Lifestyle Data from Other Wearables
    • Heads Up technology allows for data integration from a number of premium digital health devices and apps. This added value to coaching sessions and doctor’s visits by allowing providers to see additional data on physical activity, sleep, and nutrition. 
    • In turn, GladdMD providers are able to better gauge client motivation for change, target lifestyle areas for improvement, and help clients understand physiological responses beyond weight loss.
  • Client Dashboard Customization
    • Heads Up built a custom client dashboard for GladdMD’s ketogenic weight loss program. This led to increased client motivation and empowerment due to patients being able to see real-time results from following the program.
    • To improve brand recognition, Heads Up created a custom dashboard with GladdMD branding.
  • Health Coach Dashboard
    • The health coach dashboard built by Heads Up improved the efficiency of monitoring client data remotely. Because all of the client data is centralized, providers are able to spend more time clients focusing on interventions instead of data review.
  • Patient Engagement Tools
    • Heads Up provides several tools to improve communication and tracking of client outcomes. GladdMD utilizes the platform’s HIPAA-compliant secure messaging, monthly progress reports and other tools for increased patient engagement and retention.
  • Super bill for clients who can submit for out-of-network coverage.

Leveraging a Health Coach for Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Combining a health coach with RPM is a powerful combination. Health coaches are trained experts in patient engagement and the data from remote devices provides abundant opportunity for coaches to engage, educate and empower clients on their journey to optimal health. 

The health coach at GladdMD, Marina Arambula, runs the ketogenic therapy program on a day-to-day basis. Marina works with clients remotely to onboard them onto the Heads Up platform, connect their Keto-Mojo device and educate clients on how to start measuring glucose and ketones daily.

Clients Gladd@1x

“Using the Heads Up dashboard has been transformational for my coaching. With these additional tools, I have been able to help clients understand the importance of metabolic health and approach being healthy in a holistic manner.”

– Marina, GladdMD Health Coach

Business Outcomes

Using the remote monitoring solution with Heads Up and Keto-Mojo, GladdMD was able to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Increased efficiency for the practitioner
    • Heads Up technology is able to centralize data collection and create reports to track client outcomes. Use of these tools has improved GladdMD’s data organization and allowed more targeted interventions to shorten time frames for client outcomes.
    • Health coach is able to communicate more frequently with doctors about client updates, which reduces time spent on reviewing client histor

  • Increased patient engagement and retentions
    • Through the Heads Up platform, GladdMD health coaches have increased communication with clients. These clients develop a deeper relationship with the practice not only with communication with providers, but by seeing visualized data of program progress and success. These features have improved client retention.
  • Increased revenue for the practice
    • GladdMD is able to reduce program costs through increased efficiency of data collection and interpretation by providers.
    • Clients using the dashboard created by Heads Up were able to see reports and visualization of health outcome progress, which led to additional services, increased follow ups
    • Improved client retention and faster program outcomes increases client trust in GladdMD services. Clients increase new client acquisition by organic word-of-mouth about their successes with GladdMD’s health optimization programs.

Clients who have been long-term users of GladdMD services have also seen benefits from the remote patient monitoring made possible by Heads Up technology.

One client thought that, prior to using the Heads Up platform, she was following the protocol for GladdMD’s ketogenic weight-loss program. She had some success with weight loss, but her health was not being optimized.

After adding Heads Up to her care, the health coach and client were able to see objective data showing that the patient was not following protocols as well as she originally thought. With the help of the health coach and ongoing data monitoring, the client was able to course-correct her actions and have significant improvements in weight loss.


GladdMD is an integrative practice dedicated to helping patients achieve optimal health through nutrition and lifestyle interventions. Heads Up helped bring remote patient monitoring in GladdMD’s ketogenic weight loss program to life. 

To address their issues of centralized data collection, easy client health outcome tracking, and daily lab monitoring, Heads Up created a seamless user experience for both clients and practitioners.

As a result, GladdMD experienced increased practitioner efficiency, increases in client engagement and retention, and overall increased practice revenue. Health coaches and practitioners with GladdMD are able to focus on tailoring program interventions to client needs, improve consistency of ketosis, and developing relationships with their clients.

Heads Up technology increases success for both practitioners and clients in healthcare delivery systems that use remote patient monitoring. 

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Data-Driven Clinic, Podium Sports Medicine, Supports High Performance Athletes Remotely with Heads Up

Data-Driven Clinic, Podium Sports Medicine, Supports High Performance Athletes Remotely with Heads Up

Podium Sports Medicine provides progressive, data-driven medical care and performance advice to clients with a keen interest in health and vitality. With a specialized clientele comprised primarily of professional and highly competitive recreational athletes, Podium Sports Medicine focuses on individualized performance training using cutting-edge technology.

Founded by Dr. Kevin Sprouse, Podium Sports Medicine takes a uniquely evidence-informed approach to disease prevention and health optimization. Using state-of-the-art technology to track all aspects of fitness, including metabolic health, sleep, nutrition, and wellness, Podium creates fine-tuned health programming to meet their clients’ needs.

When Dr. Sprouse discovered Heads Up (HU), the industry-leading health tracking platform, he found the perfect solution for his data-driven clinic. HU created a custom dashboard for Podium that includes custom lab results, real-time health tracking, and tools for quantifying Podium’s client performance.

“What I love most about Heads Up is how malleable it is to the practice,” says Dr. Kevin Sprouse of Podium Sports Medicine, “Heads Up gives us a high level view of the patients and then we can zoom in on individual markers and take a dive deep as needed.”

If you run a health practice and are interested in a comprehensive remote data monitoring system, reach out to our New Accounts team at Heads Up here.

Business Challenge

With clients all across the country, Podium Sports Medicine uses telemedicine and technology to remotely monitor their clients and maintain open and attentive communication. Podium tailors their programming specifically to client ambitions and needed a comprehensive system for real time monitoring. 

Podium uses a variety of state-of-the-art technology and health wearables to continually assess client data and monitor trends over time. After years of using traditional spreadsheet methods of tracking, they needed a more dynamic system to observe and interpret a broad range of health metrics to modulate treatments quickly and better serve their clients.

Technology Solution

When Dr. Sprouse approached Heads Up almost two years ago, he needed a tool that would allow him to monitor a variety of clients data and labs remotely. The goal for Heads Up was to create a comprehensive solution to meet Podium Sports Medicine’s diverse needs for their high performance client base. 

HU designed a custom dashboard that integrates with Podium’s smart devices that can be tailored specifically to each client, allowing Dr. Sprouse and his team to focus on each individual’s most crucial metrics. Additionally, HU integrates with Podium’s periodic lab testing and seamlessly adds data from diagnostics labs across the county giving them insight into patient health, no matter where the client is located.

“I’m truly impressed with how far Heads Up has come and where it is going. It’s a remarkable tool right now and they’re constantly evolving, adding new features and integrations,” said Dr. Sprouse. “I’m confident that Heads Up will be the data tool that I’ll use for years to come.”

    Custom Lab Results

    Podium Sports Medicine prescribes comprehensive blood work panels to monitor client health. With remote lab data coming in from all over the country, practitioners at Podium use Heads Up to monitor health metrics over time, creating a long term record of clinical markers. 

    Heads Up allows Podium full control over their health data with custom reference ranges and data specific to each patient. All of this is centrally managed for each client in the HU practitioner portal, giving Podium a powerful solution for remote monitoring patients.

    Heads Up portal on tablet and desktop

    High Performance Custom Dashboard

    Podium Sports Medicine focuses on individual goals and biometrics to tailor protocols specifically to their clients’ ambitions. With a focus on performance results and overall wellness, Podium Sports Medicine monitors a unique range of metrics using the Heads Up custom dashboard. 

    “When I come into the office first thing in the morning, I open Heads Up to see how my patients are doing,” said Dr. Sprouse, “first and foremost, I look to see if they are healthy and if they are meeting their metrics.”

    Heads Up’s custom practitioner portal gives Podium an instant overview of key health indicators:

    • Temperature Deviation
      • Podium is focused on disease prevention and when a client deviates from their normal temperature patterns by 0.6° to 0.8°, it can be an early marker of illness. Podium sees this as a particularly important metric during the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • Heart Rate Variability (HRV)
      • Podium finds that their athletes perform best when HRV is optimized. Related to the autonomic nervous system, monitoring HRV is an effective way of estimating clients’ heart activity as an indicator of stress and recovery.
    • Sleep Metrics
      • Using the Oura Ring, Podium monitors all aspects of sleep with a particular focus on deep sleep as it relates to recovery. During the deep sleep phase, blood flow to the muscles is increased, growth hormone is released, and cellular repair occurs.
    • Resting Heart Rate (RHR)
      • Variations in RHR may be a sign of excessive stress on the body from training or other lifestyle related fatigue and serves as a metric of recovery.
    Heads Up practitioner dashboard for sleep and meditation

    Sleep and Performance

    “Sleep and HRV have become powerful tools now that we have the technology to measure them easily,” said Dr. Sprouse. By using Heads Up’s integration with Oura Ring, Podium works with their clients to develop healthy sleep and recovery routines. “I almost found it hard to believe how closely linked HRV, sleep, and performance were related.”

    “With Heads Up, our clients see their sleep metrics day by day, but I’m paying attention to the trends.” The Heads Up reporting features allow Dr. Sprouse to use his data-driven system of “try, measure, and try again.” By monitoring patent data in the HU dashboard, “we run trends over time looking at the high level metrics across the board. Based on that, we might set some parameters like bedtime alarms or wind down routines that we test for 6 weeks while implementing a sleep hygiene routine.”  

    Data-driven performance athletes at cycling event


    Podium Sports Medicine is committed to providing progressive medical care and performance support to their clients. Dr. Sprouse and his team use Heads Up to support their uniquely evidence-informed approach to disease prevention and health optimization. The Heads Up platform is the perfect solution for data-driven health practitioners, providing real-time tracking and the tools needed for quantifying client performance.

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    try it out for free.

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    Leading Medical Weight Loss Clinic, ThreeHealth, Validates Protocols and Tracks Outcomes Remotely with Heads Up

    Leading Medical Weight Loss Clinic, ThreeHealth, Validates Protocols and Tracks Outcomes Remotely with Heads Up

    Medically-supervised weight management clinic, ThreeHealth, Inc., takes a multifaceted approach to wellness. Focusing on the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of metabolic health and weight loss, ThreeHealth combines science and technology with personalized behavioral therapy to deliver outstanding results for a diverse array of clients.

    Founded by Brad Butterfield, Brandy Wiltermuth and Marlene Sexton, ThreeHealth treats diabetes, cardiometabolic, and weight loss issues with a uniquely client-focused approach. Taking into account medical conditions, behaviors, biometrics, and goals, ThreeHealth uses state-of-the-art technology to provide sustainable metabolic health results.

    ThreeHealth Weight Loss Practitioner Team

    Working remotely with clients, ThreeHealth needed a comprehensive way to upload, monitor, and interpret client data. When ThreeHealth discovered Heads Up (HU), the industry-leading health tracking platform, they found the perfect solution for their clinic’s needs. HU created a custom dashboard for ThreeHealth that included a bulk upload of client data, real-time health tracking, and tools for quantifying ThreeHealth’s performance.

    “The Heads Up dashboard is an incredibly powerful tool,” says Brad Butterfield of ThreeHealth. “The tracking of all this information can be extremely freeing. Maybe that sounds counterintuitive, but it works, it really works.”

    If you run a health practice and are interested in a comprehensive remote data monitoring system, reach out to our New Accounts team at Heads Up here.

    About ThreeHealth

    Comprised of licensed medical and behavioral specialists, ThreeHealth focuses on improving metabolic health, reversing diabetes, and developing sustainable weight loss programs. ThreeHealth uses a unique combination of metabolic assessment, behavioral health, and technology tools to support their clients’ goals.

    The founding team at ThreeHealth consists of Brad Butterfield, LMHCA and Brandy Wiltermuth, ARNP. Along with Marlene Sexton, LMFT, director of Behavioral Therapy, ThreeHealth has a thriving direct primary care practice and robust telemedicine program with a track record of success. 

    Beginning with cognitive-behavioral therapy to address the emotional responses behind eating, ThreeHealth helps clients understand their relationship with food. By uncovering the psychological factors of health, ThreeHealth then creates “individualized, medically-driven, holistic programs that treat the mind, the body, and the spirit,” says Marlene Sexton of ThreeHealth. “Everyone is different, and every patient requires an individualized program based on his or her personal medical conditions and profile.”

    In addition to behavioral counseling and personalized nutritional prescriptions, ThreeHealth uses state-of-the-art technology to remotely support and monitor patients. Through the use of smart devices and wearable technology, such as the Oura Ring and Biosense, they are able to detect trends in vital body functions including weight, heart rate, blood pressure, sleep quality, and ketone levels. 

    Business Challenge

    ThreeHealth needed a system for measuring progress on the individual and cohort level to validate their protocols and promote client retention. Proving the success and capability of their methods is integral to ThreeHealth’s business growth and development. 

    Because ThreeHealth provides their clients with a variety of tech tools to track health metrics, they also needed a way to compile client data for easy interpretation. “I can’t have six different platforms for the six different devices that I want people to use,” said Brandy Wiltermuth. 

    According to Wiltermuth, compiling and interpreting data “opens the window into exactly what people are doing.” Working remotely with clients, ThreeHealth needed a way to monitor client data in realtime, as well as upload historical data to create accurate baseline metrics and chart progress.

    Patient Working on Metabolic Health with Caring Doctor

    Technology Solution

    The goal for Heads Up was to create a comprehensive solution to meet ThreeHealth’s diverse needs. HU designed a custom dashboard that integrates with ThreeHealth’s smart devices. Additionally, HU designed a system to bulk upload client data that allows ThreeHealth to measure performance over time, both for individual clients and for the clinic as a whole. 

    Heads Up delivers a clinical-style effectiveness proving platform, giving ThreeHealth all the tools they need to validate their protocols and verify the success of their methods. 

    • Data-Driven Key Performance Indicators
      • Using HU, ThreeHealth can define and measure progress against their program KPIs for business planning and adjustment to better serve clients.
    • Data-Driven Protocol Validation
      • With HU, ThreeHealth can validate their protocols on the individual and aggregate level, giving them the tools to guide business development and growth. 
      • ThreeHealth providers can continuously engage patients, increasing LTV by providing positive reinforcement in real time, based on graph data and metrics.
    • Data-Driven Client Acquisition 
      • With HU, ThreeHealth now has social proof of protocol efficacy that goes beyond written testimonials and before/after pictures. 
      • ThreeHealth can attract new clients based on quantified evidence of their success.
      Heads Up Custom Metabolic Health Dashboard on Tablet, Mobile, and Desktop

      Validating Protocols with Historical and Real Time Data  

      With years of data ranging from lean body mass to ketone levels, ThreeHealth needed to assess their clinic and client performance based on historical, as well as real-time, data. To address this, HU custom-designed a system for ThreeHealth to bulk upload client records, thereby giving ThreeHealth a holistic view into each client’s progress and a tool for validating the overall success of the clinic. 

      HU’s bulk upload solution allows ThreeHealth to easily track individual and aggregate success through the practitioner portal. With HU, ThreeHealth is able to customize thresholds and reference ranges for tailoring KPIs to their specific needs. This gives the clinic the ability to: 

      • Define the KPIs to track to validate programs at individual and aggregate levels
      • Provide TheeHealth with the tools to easily see results in real time
      • Display the clinical and functional data for metabolic health monitoring 
      • Dig deeper into each client’s health with markers specific to the ThreeHealth program

      ThreeHealth generates graphs showing individual or aggregate weight loss over any time frame, be it a week or the duration of the program. In looking at the data point of weight, or other biomarkers like BMI or blood glucose, ThreeHealth can see overall trends over a given period of time.

      Using Heads Up to gather and track their clients health information, providers can not only see progress at the individual level but also validate and improve their protocols by looking at their clients’ data holistically. In 2020, they saw a significant drop in weight correlated with increased Aces gathered from clients’ Biosense devices. Using this kind of information to feed their programs means they can deliver a more competitive, data-driven approach.

      Client Metabolic Health Progress Charted on iPad

      Custom Lifestyle Dashboard

      Heads Up displays data for clear interpretation by ThreeHealth providers and clients alike. Facilitating patient engagement, data from smart devices is elegantly showcased on the client-facing dashboard, making it easy for clients to monitor their progress. That same data is available through the practitioner-facing portal, allowing ThreeHealth coaches to interpret and clarify metrics for their clients in real time.

      The HU custom lifestyle dashboard was preloaded with tracking tiles specific to the clinic’s needs. ThreeHealth is committed to empowering their clients with information and they track not only weight loss and blood pressure, but other unique metrics including sleep and ketone levels.

      Having a full suite of health information at the fingertips of both the clients and practitioners on one central platform, ThreeHealth can then easily interpret and explain metrics to their clients. The data becomes the foundation for curiosity and a tool for education, empowerment, and understanding about how lifestyle changes affect metabolic health.

      With the HU custom dash, the clinic gives their clients the tools for success, fostering client engagement and increasing LTV. By detecting data trends in vital body functions and promptly intervening when needed, treatments can be easily adjusted and administered quickly based on insights gained from HU’s customizable reports.

      Heads Up Lifestyle Dashboard for Metabolic Health on Computer

      Custom Dashboard Metrics for Metabolic Health

      HU integrates seamlessly with a wide range of wearable health devices and ThreeHealth’s custom dashboard gives an in-depth platform to record and interpret client data. The clinic uses a unique set of metrics from smart devices and wearable technology to optimize clients’ health and weight loss. Beyond the obvious weight management metrics of body weight and blood pressure, ThreeHealth provides their clients with BIOSENSE ketone monitors and Oura Ring sleep monitors. 

      The Three Health client dashboards consist of the following metrics:

      • Sleep and Heart Rate Variability (HRV)
        • Disrupted (e.g apnea), insufficient sleep and chronic stress all have an adverse effect on metabolism and appetite control. All ThreeHealth clients are given an Oura Ring to accurately monitor sleep quality, circadian rhythm and HRV. ThreeHealth practitioners use this data to detect sleep and stress issues and work with clients on corrective measures
      • Ketosis
        • Entering into a state of nutritional ketosis is an important part of the ThreeHealth program. ThreeHealth uses the BIOSENSE breath acetone meter to teach clients how to maintain a state of ketosis for optimal weight loss, blood sugar control and energy levels.
      • Macronutrients (protein, fat, carbs, and calories consumed)
        • ThreeHealth clients maintain a food journal using the Cronometer app. This allows ThreeHealth practitioners to optimize macronutrient ratios for optimal weight loss.
      • Blood Pressure
        • When needed, ThreeHealth uses the Qardioarm blood pressure cuff to remotely monitor blood pressure on clients.
      • Weight, Lean Mass, and Body Fat
        • ThreeHealth makes a keen distinction between weight and body composition. Clients use the Withings scale for monitoring weight at home, in addition to an Inbody clinical grade scale for more in-depth analysis of body fat and lean mass. 
      • Lab Testing
        • Clients also obtain periodic lab testing (cholesterol, Hba1c, etc.) to ensure all clinical markers are improving as their clients body composition, diet, sleep and stress improve during the course of the program.

      All of this data is centrally managed for each client in the Heads Up platform. This gives ThreeHealth a powerful solution for remote monitoring and tracking outcomes at the individual and aggregate levels.

      Woman at Home Using Telemedicine Portal for Weight Loss


      ThreeHealth is committed to solving the metabolic health challenges with a multifaceted approach to wellness. By combining health data with behavioral counseling and nutritional programming, ThreeHealth delivers industry-leading weight loss results for their clients. HU designed a seamless user experience on both the frontend for clients and backend for practitioners, allowing the team at ThreeHealth to focus on supporting their clients, improve metabolic health, and keep weight off for a lifetime.

      Clarifying data and making it accessible to clients and practitioners paves the path to success. Like so many clinics working in functional and integrative medicine, ThreeHealth needed tools to validate their protocols and verify the effectiveness of their methods. Heads Up delivers a business development tool for new client acquisition and a data-driven platform to validate their methods and engage their clients.

      Interested in a custom data portal for your practice? Click here to learn more about the Heads Up platform and schedule a demo with one of our team members.

      A Global Fasting Clinic Provides Data-Driven Results

      A Global Fasting Clinic Provides Data-Driven Results

      The Fasting Method

      Developed by Megan Ramos and Dr. Jason Fung from years of clinical experience with intermittent fasting and time restricted eating, The Fasting Method (TFM) provides the education, guidance, and support necessary for successful weight loss and type 2 diabetes remission. With clients all over the world, The Fasting Method needed a comprehensive solution to monitor and support their customers.

      Heads Up (HU), the industry-leading health tracking platform, worked closely with TFM to create a combined technology solution to meet their needs. The resulting single-sign-on interface gives clients and coaches secure access to TFM’s custom lifestyle dashboard with community and education resources as well as health metrics and lab results tracking. 

      HU integrates seamlessly with TFM’s WordPress site to deliver a data-driven approach to guide users through structured intermittent fasting. 

      TFM Dashboard 640x640 1

      Fasting for Health

      Megan Ramos and Dr. Jason Fung are the co-founders of The Fasting Method which provides solutions for weight loss, type 2 diabetes control, and metabolic syndrome. 

      Ramos is a Canadian clinical researcher and expert on therapeutic fasting and low carbohydrate diets. Megan is one of the directors of the nonprofit organization Public Health Collaboration Canada (PHC Canada), an international group dedicated to promoting evidence-based nutritional information. She is also on the editorial board of the Journal of Insulin Resistance.

      Dr. Fung, MD, is a Toronto-based nephrologist and a world leading expert in intermittent fasting and low-carb diets. He has written the bestselling health books: The Obesity Code, The Complete Guide to Fasting, The Diabetes Code, and The Longevity Solution. Dr. Fung currently practices in Toronto, Canada and also works with Team Diet Doctor. He is the scientific editor of the Journal of Insulin Resistance, and the managing director of PHC Canada.

      About The Fasting Method

      The Fasting Method focuses on client empowerment by providing education, support, and access to an engaged community of TFM members. Centered around creating sustainable life changes, participants enroll in TFM’s self-guided program for access to a suite of resources to support their health goals. TFM also provides custom coaching for customers seeking tailored solutions to their fasting goals.

      TFM’s three-pillar system of education, community, and health tracking gives clients the tools they need to succeed with fasting and time-restricted eating to tackle health challenges and meet their goals. Clients with a range of experience have access to appropriate educational courses on eating strategies and support from a community who shares their goals. 

      Business Challenge

      With customers all over the world, TFM needed a product to remotely track client progress, compile health metrics, and measure the effectiveness of their protocols over time. 

      TFM was seeking a comprehensive solution for data aggregation that could not only track fasting intervals but also measure other critical health parameters such as sleep, heart rate variability (HRV), weight, DEXA scans, and lab results. They needed a custom portal to integrate directly with their existing WordPress client portal for a seamless single-sign-on experience.

      Promoting client engagement is essential for businesses in the dynamic health and wellness sector. The team at TFM was seeking an accessible solution for their customers to self-monitor and track the positive impacts of the program on their wellbeing. Giving clients a platform to see real data and numbers for themselves leads to better outcomes and long-term customer retention.

      Technology Solution

      The goal for Heads Up, the personal health platform for tracking and analyzing health data, was to develop a custom solution to meet TFM’s diverse needs. In creating single-sign-on access to the HU platform, clients can now effortlessly monitor their health metrics, in addition to connecting with essential education and community resources, from within the TFM website.

      Heads Up Computer Login for Fasting

      Custom Lifestyle Dashboard

      Heads Up created the custom dashboard to be an organic component of the TFM member portal. Featuring a single sign-on experience, the HU integration is programmed with default tiles for tracking key fasting metrics and lab results, while the frontend interface gives clients a seamless user experience on their journey to health. 

      Custom Single Sign-on

      A cornerstone feature of HU’s technology solution is the custom single sign-on (SSO). Heads Up integrates with TFM’s WordPress website and client portal via SSO to create a seamlessly fluid, on-brand user experience. 

      Heads Up has the ability to integrate with any patient portal or existing membership platform. With a custom SSO, HU can open as an iframe within the existing webpage or in a separate tab from the client portal. TFM chose to have HU open in an adjacent tab from the main dashboard, allowing users to navigate multiple features of their website simultaneously.

      Like many clinics in the health and wellness space, TFM has an extensive database of electronic health records. With SSO, clients are automatically connected to their HU dashboard when logging into their TFM account. This secure and streamlined approach eliminates the need for clients to sign onto multiple apps and programs to achieve their health goals. 

      TFM Custom Dashboard

      The Heads Up dashboard, when accessed by TFM clients, is fully branded with TFM’s logos and color palettes, as well as being pre-programmed with the proper tiles for tracking fasting metrics alongside other lifestyle data (weight, blood sugar, nutrition, sleep etc.) and lab data (cholesterol levels, hemoglobin a1c etc). 

      The TFM program leads to substantial improvements in body composition and the new TFM dashboard lets clients see these changes in relation to other lifestyle metrics. 

      The goals The Fasting Method protocols are to regulate the insulin response, reduce medication dependency, and improve overall wellness through intermittent fasting. The Heads Up integration with TFM gives clients an easy way to track their most essential metrics of fasting.

      Heads Up on Mobile and Computer for Fasting

      Custom Dashboard Metrics

      TFM clients see the following metrics on their custom dashboard:

      • Fasting: Tracking fasting intervals gives insight into when the body is using stored sources of energy to fuel itself. Whether following an intermittent or extended fast, you are lowering blood sugar and body fat by using these stored sources of energy. The timer helps motivate users so they can see exactly how long they’ve been fasting and to learn how their other vital signs (sleep, blood glucose, ketones etc.) are changing.
      • Weight: Fasting has recently been rediscovered as a highly effective weight loss method, in addition to its many other healthy properties. Though weight may fluctuate throughout the fasting journey, measuring weight change over time is one baseline metrics of a healthy lifestyle.
      • Body Fat: Reducing overall body fat is key in improving fitness and avoiding health problems. Tracking changes in body fat is a tool to assess body composition and measure lean mass gains.
      • Blood Pressure: TFM’s method of intermittent fasting can lead to reduced blood pressure by reducing insulin and improving weight loss. Tracking blood is a metric of elasticity of the circulatory system, a key health indicator. 
      • Ketones: As blood glucose and insulin levels begin to drop during fasting, the body starts to burn fat and produce ketones. Measuring breath ketones indicates periods of nutritional ketosis versus glycolysis.The dashboard can sync ketone readings from Keto-Mojo, Ketonix and Biosense or can be entered manually.
      • Blood Glucose: Glucose and fat are the body’s main sources of energy. If glucose is not available, then the body will adjust by using fat, without any detrimental health effects. Tracking glucose gives insight into the metabolic stage that the body is in during fasting.
      • Sleep: Timing meals affects our circadian rhythms that exert a powerful influence over our sleep and wellbeing. Monitoring sleep and waking hours is helpful in timing intermittent fasting windows and ensuring proper rest. TFM clients can sync sleep data from Oura, Garmin, FitBit, Biostrap, Apple Watch and other industry-leading wearables.

      In addition to the above metrics, TFM clients have access to the full suite of Heads Up tracking modules and integrations. Tracking other metrics such as exercise, macros, or HRV can serve as additional markers of a healthy lifestyle.

      Custom Lab Results

      With a focus on data-driven results, the custom portal also allows clients to track their lab results as they embark on the journey with TFM. 

      Traditional lab tests such as lipid panels (cholesterol, HDL, LDL, etc.), metabolic markers (fasting insulin, Hba1c, etc.), and thyroid markers can all be tracked by clients. Clients can see for themselves how TFM is improving their markers of health and disease. Similarly, TFM experts can review these results with clients to help optimize and personalize the treatment protocol for each client. 

      Custom Lab Results for Fasting on Computer


      Clear access to health data gives TFM clients the tools they need to set actionable goals and track improvement. The HU team designed a seamless user experience on both the frontend for clients and backend for practitioners.

      With an eye on customer retention, HU’s custom dashboard is designed with a clean look and intuitive feel to facilitate customer motivation and satisfaction. Whether accessing the dashboard on desktop, mobile, or tablet, clients and practitioners have an elegant and practical experience from sign in to sign out.

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      The Fasting Method on iPhone

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