Exploring Ketogenic Therapy with Exogenous Ketones

What if you could reach ketosis almost immediately, without having to endure an 72-hour water fast?

In this episode, Brian McMahon of deltaG Ketones discusses the science behind ketone monoester and its ability to deliver improved cognitive function, enhanced physical performance, and overall metabolic resilience.

Spearheaded by the University of Oxford and the National Institutes of Health, this product represents decades of research to perfect its unique formulation that enables users to achieve deep ketosis without depleting glycogen stores. [Ketones Research]

With over 70 clinical studies, deltaG® has proven its dominance over other ketone products. Notably, deltaG® has shown remarkable benefits, such as an 87% improvement in brain network stability, a 15% increase in power output, and enhanced recovery and focus.

Tune in for an engaging discussion on the transformative potential of achieving Performance Ketosis and the importance of monitoring ketone levels.

In today’s epidemic of metabolic dysfunction, ketones are essential in combating insulin resistance, chronic inflammation, fatigue, and blood glucose instability.

Learn more about how deltaG Ketones offer an alternative energy source that doesn’t require dietary changes and addresses chronic energy deficits in the body for long-term vitality and wellness.

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HIGHLIGHTS Of This Data Driven Podcast

[2:10] How deltaG Came to Be

[6:30] The Technical Process Behind Transesterification

[7:25] What Makes deltaG Unique

[10:40] Comparing Current Ketone Products to deltaG

[15:20] Why You Should Test Your Ketones

[22:20] Replicate A 72-Hour Water Fast In Just 15 Minutes

[25:05] deltaG Product Reveal

[29:05] Which Product Is Best For You?

[32:35] The Incredible Benefits of Ketones

[37:50] The Power of Self-Monitoring


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