Bob Troia and Jeremy Gollehon, the masterminds behind Pepcalc, are healthcare innovators and tech entrepreneurs that are dedicated to simplifying health optimization as much as possible. 

In their pursuit to simplify their own biohacking systems, these innovators built a high-functioning Peptide calculator that ensures users avoid miscalculating their Peptide dosages. Currently, Pepcalc is booming as one of the top-ranked paid Health & Wellness apps on the market.

Join us for this episode as we cover the countless benefits of Peptides, how Pepcalc can improve your life, and our ultimate end goals with biohacking.

HIGHLIGHTS Of The Data Driven Podcast

[2:30] Bob’s Introduction to Biohacking

[6:30] Jeremy’s Crucial Career Pivot

[8:06] The Dawn of Biohacking

[12:35] How Pepcalc Can Make Your Life 1000 Times Easier

[16:49] Simplifying Health Optimization 

[19:40] A Walkthrough On How PepCalc Works

[29:05] More On David’s Biohacking Routines

[34:50] Does Melatonan Work?

[38:55] How Biohacking Can Reverse Aging

[42:40] The Benefits of Different Peptide Stacks

[46:10] The Science Behind Natural Peptides

[48:43] How Peptides Are Used Beyond Biohacking

Learn more about Bob and Jeremy’s work over here:

Awesome Labs


Bob Troia




Jeremy Gollehon

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