Join us for episode 72 with Adam Kadela. Adam is the co-founder of DexaFit, a digital health company revolutionizing the way we analyze and understand DEXA scans. 

If you’ve ever had a Dexa scan done, you are aware of the fantastic data the report provides for understanding body composition. 

The biggest challenge has been keeping track of all data from past Dexa scans so you can easily spot the trends. DexaFit is finally solving this problem once and for all!

In this episode, we dive deep into how DexaFit helps you pull together all of your historical scans in a single place. You can visit any DexaFit location in the country and all your results are instantly synchronized into the DexaFit app. 

With the help of DexaFit, users are now able to track the long term trends and pinpoint exactly how their body composition is changing over time.

Whether you’re a committed biohacker or trying out preventive wellness for the first time, DexaFit is the leader in body composition analysis. 

Check out this engaging episode for a glimpse into how the DexaFit revolution is changing health awareness and perception, one Dexa scan at a time.

HIGHLIGHTS Of The Data Driven Podcast

[3:10] The DexaFit Origin Story[8:25] What Are DEXA Scans?

[14:15] How Dave Transformed His Overall Fitness

[20:15] Pioneering The DexaFit Innovation

[24:00] Cracking the Code to Weight Loss

[28:50] How Dexascans Help Refine Your Fitness Plans

[31:05] Where to Find DexaFit-Enabled Centers

[33:10] How Body Fat Percentage Is Extremely Misleading

[37:45] The Exciting Future of DexaFit

[39:30] Understanding Appendicular Lean Mass (ALM)

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