Today, we’re sitting down with Nathalie Niddam, a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Epigenetic Coach who’s dedicated to educating her growing community on the power of health optimization and biohacking to reverse one’s biological age. 

In this episode, we discuss the scientific benefits of signalling molecules. If you’re new to the concept of Bioregulators and Peptides, this episode makes for an excellent introduction. We discuss its scientific benefits, proven tests, and how Nathalie herself integrates certain protocols to enhance her overall well-being. 

Get to know more about the astonishing potential of epitalon and thyramin, which has been hailed as having the largest global effect on the human system. With an improved quality of life over time, reversing the biological clock has never been this accessible for anyone committed to getting younger as we get older.

So if you’re just starting out in the world of health optimization or you’re looking to elevate your biohacking game, be sure to tune in to learn how you can best map out your journey and become a part of her inspiring community of passionate individuals in the Optimizing SuperHuman Performance FB Group.

HIGHLIGHTS Of The Data Driven Podcast

[5:30] Detoxifying With Combo

[8:30] Signalling Molecules and Peptides 101

[12:35] On Bioregulator Peptides

[14:00] The Power of Starting With Epitalon 

[19:35] The Secret Benefits of Melatonin

[22:00] Explaining the Forms of Bioregulators

[27:10] Understanding Epitalon Protocols

[33:30] Is It Worth Tracking Biological Age?

[35:05] Getting to Know All the Bioregulators

[36:55] Navigating Personal Stats

[40:45] Join Communities Dedicated to Biohacking

[45:08] Why You Should Work With a Personal Coach

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