Dr. Lara Varden, PhD is a scientist, Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Licensed Ecclesiastical Holistic Practitioner, Certified Functional Genomics Practitioner, and Certified Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Counselor. 

She serves as an esteemed clinician at The DNA Company, while spearheading Sacred Genomics as its Co-Founder and CEO, as well as holding the position of Adjunct Professor at Clarkson University’s Biology Department. An expert in cellular biology, molecular genetics, biochemistry, neuroscience, and functional nutrition, her practice focuses on functional genomics and holistic health. 

In this episode, we are privileged to host Dr. Lara Varden, a functional genomics practitioner who advocates for a holistic approach to well-being, starting with understanding the history of our body, our family, and our environment. As traditional medicine continues to limit our capacity to address chronic conditions, our guest today is dedicated to guiding individuals and groups towards transformational change to become the best versions of themselves.

Join us as Dr. Lara delves into the nuances of genetics and epigenetics, shedding light on how gene awareness can be a transformative force in one’s health journey. Discover how you can beat your propensity for certain diseases and upgrade your health through intentional testing and data-driven insights.

Dr. Varden’s passion lies in educating and empowering individuals and groups with untapped knowledge to enhance energy, immunity, and healing from chronic ailments. Guided by the motto of “Service to Others,” she firmly believes in everyone’s inherent right and capacity for love, joy, and self-healing. She optimizes epigenetics through nutrition, lifestyle shifts, and holistic integration. Additionally, she emphasizes biohacking, longevity, and healthy aging. 

HIGHLIGHTS Of The Data Driven Podcast

[5:30] Filling the Gaps in Traditional Medicine

[9:01] Understanding Epigenetics

[13:55] How Gene Awareness Can Transform Your Health

[17:00] Where to Start and How to Get Tested

[20:55] Interpreting and Influencing Your Stats

[27:10] Taking a Look at Your Toxic Load

[30:50] Optimizing Your Body’s Detoxification Process

[35:35] Factoring in Deep Sleep

[45:55] Learning How To Self-Heal

[50:35] Tapping Into Your Higher Self

[43:10] How Cellular Medicine Improves the Way We Age

Work with Dr. Lara Varden:

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