In today’s episode, we’re sitting down with Dr. Jason Sonners who has helped thousands of patients treat a wide range of debilitating conditions through the Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT). Tune in as Dr. Jason shares how HBOT drastically changed his own life 17 years ago, thus inspiring him to dedicate his life’s work to educate and support patients through the incredible power of hyperbaric therapy.

Join us as we take a closer look at the intricacies behind hyperbaric therapy and how the process of pumping more oxygen into the body can lead to profound healing at the cellular level. By breathing in pure oxygen within a controlled pressurized chamber, the extra oxygen allows the body speed up the healing process at a tremendous rate. We also break down the difference between soft chambers and hard chambers, as well as discussions on inflammation, proper breathing techniques, and sleep hygiene.

As functional medicine continues to pave its way into everyday life, join us for an enlightening episode on the impact of improving access to hyperbaric chambers for individuals seeking holistic and transformative approaches to healing.

HIGHLIGHTS Of The Data Driven Podcast

[1:30] Introducing Hyperbaric Therapy

[7:30] Unpacking the Science Behind It

[11:10] Understanding Soft Chambers vs. Hard Chambers

[14:22] Insights From Studies on Hyperbaric Healing

[16:10] Addressing Inflammation Through Hyperbaric Therapy

[20:40] How Pumping More Oxygen Can Heal Cells

[29:00] Healing Mitochondrial Dysfunction

[32:10] The Underestimated Importance of Proper Breathing

[39:25] Tracking Heart Variability for Optimal Health

[42:35] Introducing Hyperbaric Chambers to Brick-And-Mortar Clinics

[45:45] Designing Protocols to Complement Hyperbaric Medicine

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