Cleveland Heart Labs: What Happens Between the Tests

The Cleveland Heart Lab is one of the most highly revered full spectrum lab panels practitioners use to understand critical cardiovascular biomarkers of their patients.

Where most practitioners run into trouble is deciding what to do with their patients in between lab tests.

In this webinar, we will help you solve these problems by going over simple strategies and use-case examples to help improve your patient's cardiovascular health while getting back improved Cleveland Heart Lab results.

Important points you'll learn:

  • What is CHL, and how do I best use it in my practice?
  • Review of the most important markers on the CHL panel.
  • How can I easily track my patients' health?
  • How do I measure and optimize my patients' health between follow-up tests?
  • When to run a follow-up test.
  • How to automatically track patient health markers while delighting them with amazing support.

If you run a health practice and are interested in a comprehensive remote data monitoring system, reach out to our New Accounts team at Heads Up here.

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