Remote Patient Monitoring for Integrative Practices

2020 was a paramount year for changes to CMS reimbursement, relaxed regulations, and increased coverage for remote patient monitoring.

This created a huge shift in the healthcare industry and a major opportunity for practices to utilize these new changes right now.

Join the Heads Up team and special guests Innocent Clement, CEO of Ciba Health, an integrative practice utilizing RPM billing, and Sonda Kunzi, President of Coding Advantage and CMS coding specialist, as they discuss these new opportunities for practices.

We’ll cover:

  • Best practices for setting up in the payer system
  • A review of the CPT codes for Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Choosing devices and apps for your program
  • Leveraging health coaches for your RPM program
  • A case study on Ciba Health, who has successfully monetized this program
  • And much more!

There's never been a better time to utilize more RPM in your practices especially with all these new opportunities.

If you run a health practice and are interested in a comprehensive remote data monitoring system, reach out to our Health Data Architects for a Practice Strategy Call: Schedule Here.