Remote Wellness Monitoring For Keto Therapy Practitioners

Do you use ketogenic therapy protocols in your practice? Many people do due to the success of clients with conditions like T2D or fatty liver disease.

Prominent functional medicine practice, GladdMD, headed by Dr. Jeffrey Gladd, uses these protocols too. They ran a pilot project with a few select patients with FLD using the Keto-Mojo device and the Heads Up dashboard to improve this condition over time.

In this webinar, we sat down with GladdMD to discuss the power of remote wellness monitoring with doctors, coaches, and technology for keto pros. Keto-Mojo themselves also joined us!

Plus, we will cover many other helpful topics if you’re a practitioner using keto therapy in your practice and are looking for ways to better your patient outcomes, engagement, adherence and further personalize their programs using lifestyle data.

You’ll hear:

  • Integrating the Keto-Mojo device for monitoring blood glucose and blood ketones
  • Monitoring clinical lab results for ketogenic therapy
  • Case study: GladdMD program for treating fatty liver disease with remote ketogenic therapy
  • Best practices for building and monetizing your program for remote ketogenic therapy
  • How to use Heads Up for ketogenic therapy programs
  • And more!

If you run a health practice and are interested in a comprehensive remote data monitoring system, reach out to our New Accounts team at Heads Up here.