Many people often forget that their everyday lifestyle choices can impact their overall health. Daily choices we make in life about food, alcohol, exercise and stress management  — they all add up to inform our health in one way or another.

Of course, you don’t need to be 100% perfect. (Who is?)

But with Heads Up, you can quantify just how your lifestyle choices are affecting you. You can then begin to take action on your lifestyle data, make adjustments as needed to steer your ship back on-course so you can optimize your health. 

For example, when TJ Anderson, health hacker and author of The Art of Health Hacking, attended this past weekend’s Metabolic Health Conference in Long Beach, CA, he used Heads Up’s Analyzer graphing feature to see how alcohol impacted his HRV, Oura sleep and readiness scores. 

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

It’s easy to see from TJ’s graph that alcohol consumption had an inverse relationship to his HRV and readiness score. Once his drinks went down to zero, his HRV and Oura scores shot back up again.⠀

Try the Analyzer yourself with the numbers you care about. Whether it’s your HRV, readiness and sleep scores synced automatically via the Oura ring or how many glasses of wine or beer imbibed (entered manually), you can make actionable insights to hack your health. 

How to Use the Analyzer to Track What Matters to You:

  1. Choose Analyzer to bring up the graphing feature within your Heads Up web app
  2. Search the markers you want to trend (e.g., HRV and AM Readiness via Oura, Alcohol Intake), up to six markers if you want!
  3. Choose a time horizon you want to track (e.g., “Last 7 Days”, “This month”, “This year”, or custom dates of your own choosing).

Note: Click the ‘Connect Data’ button to connect to Devices and Apps such as Oura, Keto-Mojo, Biostrap, MyFitnessPal and/or medical records.

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