Dr. Dave Rabin of Apollo Neuro is a psychiatrist and neuroscientist specializing in disorders of chronic stress, who has utilized MDMA and ketamine in the treatment of PTSD and depression to calm the nervous systems stress response.  After running clinical trials at the University of Pittsburgh and finding that the fight or flight system could also be calmed through the use of a wearable device, he set out to bring a device to the market that helps towards improving HRV. This allows individuals suffering from PTSD, ADD, anxiety, and even high-level executives and elite athletes with high stress response, to use the sensation of touch to recreate a feeling of safety, changing the response the body creates to a stimulus. 

Measuring HRV can give a quantifiable measure of how effective the device is in altering the stress response and allows individuals to improve conditions they’ve been told they must just live with. Dr. Dave Rabin gives a great explanation of HRV and how it differs from Heart Rate and why HRV is an important indicator of recovery and the ability to slow down the nervous system from stimuli. 

Listen in as Heads Up Founder Dave Korsunsky talks with Dr. Dave Rabin of Apollo Neuroscience on his own experience with the Apollo wearable device and how it actually feels to use it. It is Dr. Dave Rabin’s belief that as recovery is enhanced, improving HRV, people will begin to understand and reach their fullest potentials.

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In this podcast you’ll learn:

  • How stress makes chronic disease and mental health worse, especially chronic stress that happens multiple times a day [3:05]
  • Dr. Dave Rabin works with high-level executives with high stress, as well as people with PTSD, chronic depression/anxiety and substance abuse disorders and notices that commonality between these disorders [3:55]
  • That Apollo Neuro came out of his work at the University of Pittsburgh, where they were trying to develop new strategies to help improve recovery and balance in the nervous system [6:00]
  • How Dr. Dave Rabin looks at stress holistically, as a clinical psychotherapist and psychiatric neuroscientist, to help modulate the central nervous system from high-performance athletes to people with mental health disorders [6:15]
  • That Dr. Dave Rabin is trained to use MDMA for PTSD which is in phase 3 trials with the FDA and ketamine for the treatment of depression which can induce dramatic radical change within a single session that is likely to be measurable with things like HRV [7:20]
  • That metrics that can be tracked while utilizing alternative therapies such as MDMA and ketamine, as people with these chronic conditions of stress have chronically low HRV [8:40]
  • That those with PTSD will have some of the lowest HRV as they are always in a state of hypervigilance – high fight or flight, low recovery state, but when they are shown compassion or touch from loved ones, meditation, etc, they feel better and HRV goes up [10:03]
  • Apollo was created to allow people to recreate the feeling of safety allowing the body to come out of the fight or flight pattern and into a recovery pattern at home and not just while in therapy [11:30]
  • Apollo is not a substitution for meditation, but it can be used more as a tool to guide people through the stressors and understand that you can do it on your own and people seem to be able to train to it over time [14:10]
  • What is Heart Rate Variability (HRV) vs Heart Rate (HR) [15:35]
  • About how the Apollo wrist or ankle worn device brings awareness to the body when the heart rate changes to allow the brain to evaluate if the perceived stress is useful or not [19:10]
  • Apollo was tested in double-blind randomized placebo clinical trial studies at the University of Pittsburgh and found that Apollo was improving HRV within 3 minutes under stress [20:15]
  • Dave describes the sensation of what it feels like to wear the Apollo device [21:00]
  • Why Dr. Dave Rabin started Apollo Neuro to bring the technology to the market himself [24:16]
  • Dave Korsunsky’s seal of approval on the Apollo device and where you can find and purchase the device [28:40]



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