NEW Heads Up Mobile App For iOS

NEW Heads Up Mobile App For iOS

Heads Up has invested over a million dollars into developing the new mobile app and we have completely rewritten the app from the ground up with the powerful native base code called Swift.

And today, we have officially released the new Heads Up iOS app for apple iPhones and iPads!!!

Right now, you can download the latest version 5 here.

Apple iOS app version 5 is now live!

This mobile app has been a labor of love and we are proud to finally share it with the world! 

The mobile app is a crucial part of our connected health platform. It allows users to track their health data, connect with their care team, and access information and resources on the go. It will even help people take control of their health, see the impact their lifestyle has on them and improve their outcomes like never before. 

What’s new?

  • Improved integrations with Garmin and Withings. We can now support all the advanced metrics from these devices.
  • New integration with Strava to track Relative Effort (aka Suffer Score)
  • New list view for the dashboard metrics
  • Automatic dark/light mode based on the iOS settings
  • Improved messaging experience for users who are connected to their healthcare professionals

The latest version 5 of the app isn’t perfect yet, but the upgraded foundation has been engineered and implemented.

Right now, we still have some features to add in such as the photo food journal, messaging, fasting timer, and a couple integrations that are coming soon. If you use these features, don’t worry, they are still available on desktop and mobile browsers. (We will be adding these features in the next release.)

We have received wonderful feedback from early users and are looking forward to continuing improvement on the app based. If you have any suggestions, comments, or questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and let us know.

The iOS app has come a long way and we are truly grateful for your support! 

A big shout out and thank you to our developers for making this dream come true. 

If your clients’ are using the mobile iOS 4 app, please send them a message to let them know they can upgrade! 

apple ios download.gif

Here’s the link to download the new Heads Up Health Mobile iOS 5 app right now

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Strava Integration – Relative Effort Score

Strava Integration – Relative Effort Score

One of our leading performance sports coaches Dr. Kevin Sprouse, from Podium Sports, requested we build an integration with Strava; one of the world’s most popular and leading running and cycling apps. 

Strava has many powerful features but the one Dr. Sprouse wanted was the infamous Relative Effort variable. 

What is Strava’s Relative Effort? 

Relative Effort measures how much cardiovascular work went into any activity that has heart rate data or Perceived Exertion

Why is it a powerful variable to measure? 

A short and hard workout can require just as much effort as a long and leisurely one.  Relative Effort makes it so you can compare the two! 

Going even farther, different activity types are weighted so that your efforts can be compared across sports, and your values are personalized to your own heart rate zones. Now giving you the ability to compare with other athletes.

If your clients both ran their hardest 10K effort, their Relative Efforts would be similar even if their finishing times are different. Similarly, if one client rode a bike as hard as they could for the same amount of time, their Relative Effort would be comparable.

Bringing this data point gives you a comparable variable to assess one of the most important factors in sports performance, effort. 

With Heads Up Professional, you can now import your clients Relative Effort variable from Strava to see how much effort they are putting in their training.

No more slackers or excuses!

With Heads Up, you can compare your athletes relative effort with their oura HRV and readiness, sleep metrics from oura, Garmin, Withings, Apple Health and dozens of more wearables and health apps.

Giving you context on performance like never before! 

Example: Our VP of wearables Chuck Hazzard uses Strava’s Relative Effort & Oura’s AM Readiness to see his effort and recovery scores, helping him tune his training for peak performance.

Chuck typically only runs one long run 18+ miles on weekends, but you can see the one exception to that where he ran a tough mountain run on Saturday followed by a half marathon at race pace (good to run on tired legs from time to time).

If you have Heads Up ‘Signals’, seeing your team cohort analysis is even more helpful. The signals feature will allow you to run effort challenges, see your teams performance variables stacked against each other. 

Create effort leaderboards. Identify team trends. Incentivize growth. 

If you can’t improve what you don’t measure, isn’t it time to measure team effort? 

On top of all this amazing technology, Heads Up Signals further unlocks the ability to create your own health and performance algorithms to run with your teams and clients. 

The Strava integration is just one piece of the performance puzzle. Heads Up helps you put all the pieces together to unlock peak performance, health, and longevity. 

Don’t just work harder, work smarter. 

Get the cutting edge technology to unlock performance insights that help your athletes become champions.

Want to try using Heads Up & Strava? Try it out here for free.

Pro Tip: Uploading Files Into Heads Up

Pro Tip: Uploading Files Into Heads Up

How To Upload Files Into Heads Up.

Staying organized is important for every business to stay efficient, effective, and operate smoothly. It’s even more important for health based businesses!

That’s why many of our power users at Heads Up love the client file repository. Keeping digital unstructured files organized, labeled, and easy to access makes client consultations is a breeze.

In the file repository, easily organize

  1. Images
  2. Lab Tests
  3. Meal Plans
  4. Exercise Regiment
  5. Health Protocols
  6. AND MORE!

Easy access to secured health documents by your organization and patients.

Heads Up – making your life easier and your patients healthier. 

To start uploading files, login to heads up health account and navigate to the client you want to upload files to, then click on files. 

If you don’t have a Heads Up account yet, sign up for a Free Sprout Plan to test it out. 

Let us know if you have any questions, comments, or compliments! 



DUTCH Lab Test

The D.U.T.C.H lab test is a Dried Urine Test For Comprehensive Hormones’.

It’s a premium full spectrum hormone test that performs better than saliva, serum, and 24 hour urine testing for a number of reasons. 

Precision Analytical’s DUTCH testing methods go through a rigorous validation process to verify accuracy, recovery, and linearity and are one of the most accurate & precise techniques available for testing.

Patients collect just four or five dried urine samples over a 24-hour period. Dried samples are stable for several weeks making them convenient to ship worldwide.

DUTCH testing was designed to be optimally effective for most forms of hormone replacement therapy. 

The best part, Heads Up supports DUTCH lab tests as part of the pdf import capability. 

So you can import the results and map them into Heads Up like a flash of lightning! 

You can start using this new feature by going here.

If you don’t already have a Heads Up account, create one here.

The How-to

First Things First

Sign in to the app and head over to the Clients page.

Importing the PDF

Step 1: Hover over the click icon image just to the left of the client’s name and click the check box. This will activate the Select an action dropdown at the top of the Clients table.

From the Select an action dropdown, choose Import Data:

Step 2: From the Select Item to Import popup, use the Select Item dropdown to choose the PDF you’d like to import:

import lab

Select the PDF:

And click Import:

select import

Step 3: Drag the PDF file into the Upload Your File field or use the Browse button to select the PDF from your computer:

And click Upload:

dutch pdf select

Success! Assuming everything went as planned, you should see a Success message slide down.

Reviewing the Data

Let’s review the newly uploaded PDF data. From the Clients table, click the View button to the right of the client’s name:

The data will be stored on the Lab Results in an easy-to-read table, with each test populating its own column organized by date in descending order from left to right:

Filter the Results

The Filter feature allows you to isolate particular categories of readings to make it even easier to find what you’re looking for:

Exporting the Data

You can export the data to either CSV or PDF.

You can filter which types of data you’d like exported by using the Filter feature (optional), click the checkbox to the left of the date for the results you’d like exported, and click the Export dropdown to choose CSV or PDF:

Adding Biomarkers to the Dashboard

Sometimes you may want to show a particular biomarker on the dashboard.

To add Biomarkers to the Dashboard, click the title of the Biomarker and click the checkbox, Show on dashboard and click OK:

Now that you know how to Import the Dutch Lab test, login to your Heads Up account and start unlocking all this powerful health data.

Community Templates

Community Templates

There’s a ton of amazing integrative medicine health protocols out there.

Many of these protocols have been developed by talented practitioners over many years looking at thousands of patients and tens of thousands of lab test results.

In many cases, these same practitioners are happy to share their protocols with other integrative practitioners like yourself.

To help facilitate the sharing of high quality health protocols amongst practitioners in the Heads Up community, we’ve created the Community Templates library.

These templates are pre-configured and ready for you to import into your Heads Up account to deploy with your clients.

In addition to sharing high quality protocols, we will be adding other handy time saving templates such as:

  • Health coaching templates
    • Pre-built templates for health coaches to document client interactions, goals and progress reports
  • CPT code templates
    • Pre-built templates to easily bill for CPT codes facilitated by the Heads Up platform

Check out the video above for more information on how to start using Community Templates.

Have a protocol you want to share? Contact our team here and can get it published!.

Current templates in the library as of 3/28/2022

If you don’t have an account, sign up for a free account here and start saving yourself time!

With gratitude,

Heads Up

How To Digitize PDF Lab Reports Automatically

How To Digitize PDF Lab Reports Automatically

Even though Heads Up support direct API integration with 85% of US Patient Portals. Direct lab integration with Quest, LabCorp, Everlywell, and more.

Having a multi-dimensional perspective of your client’s health data is pivotal for health intelligence and achieving breakthroughs. This is why it’s important to Digitize PDF Lab Reports.

Now this is why we built in easy time saving functions allowing you to import and digitize your client’s PDF’s into Heads Up connected health platform. 

Labs we currently support for digitizing via PDF import: 

  • Bioreference Labs PDF
  • Cleveland Heart Labs PDF
  • Dexcom CSV File
  • Dutch Test Labs PDF
  • Enzo Clinical Labs PDF
  • Great Plains Organic Acid Labs PDF
  • Innoquest Diagnostics Fasting PDF
  • Innoquest Diagnostics Non-Fasting PDF
  • LabCorp PDF
  • Parkway Labs PDF
  • Unilabs PDF

Coming Soon…

  • Genova

[If you have custom labs we don’t automatically parse, contact us, and let us know which ones you want custom coded. After we code them in, you will be able to parse all your patient’s PDF lab data automatically! Note: Custom pdf lab coding is a small one time fee.]

Instead of parsing through fragmented digital health data across multiple systems, now you can digitize your patient’s lab data quickly and easily so you can focus on helping them achieve greater results with their health. 

Heads Up is the central connected health hub that helps you answer questions like…

Has John’s weight loss protocol reduced LDL cholesterol?


Has Betsy’s inflammation been reduced from the new protocol that works with fasting, cold plunge, meditation, and improved sleep?

Simply taking the new digitized PDF lab imports and analyzing them in the reports section of Heads Up will help you answer these questions quickly, without having to waste time cobbling together separate labs, notes, spreadsheets, algorithms, or messy insecure systems.

Screen Shot 2022 03 17 at 7.24.22 PM

As you can see, Heads Up does the technical work for you with easy-to-see proof of changed health.

All while continuously adding more functionality and features to help you be as effective as possible helping others with their health.

If you want to learn how to use this new Digitized PDF Lab Reports feature, Click Here to read the help article and start deploying digitizing PDF Lab Reports today,

Otherwise, if you want to start using the PDF import feature right now, login to the Heads Up app and start importing away! 

Want to sign up for Heads Up? Register here for a free starter account and leverage the power of multi-dimensional health data to improve your patients health outcomes with ease.

With gratitude,

Heads Up

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