Online Fasting Timer & Mobile App

Online Fasting Timer & Mobile App

Enhance Your Fasting Experience With Heads Up’ Revamped Fasting Timer

We’re thrilled to introduce our latest updates to the fasting timer app features, crafted to make your fasting journey more intuitive and insightful.

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Here’s what’s new in our Fasting App.

  • Refined User Experience: Enjoy an even more user-friendly interface, making your interaction with our fasting timer effortless and enjoyable.

  • Flexible Count Up or Count Down Options: Tailor how you track time during your fast with the option to either count up from the start of your fast or count down to your fasting goal. It’s fasting, your way.

  • Customizable Preset Fasts: Personalize your fasting routines with our adaptable preset fasts, designed to fit your unique fasting schedule, whether it’s intermittent or extended.

  • Scheduled Future Fasting: Set your future fasts to automatically start counting at your chosen time. Plan ahead and stay on track with ease.

  • Seamless Health Data Integration: Get instant access to your Glucose and Ketone levels from wearable devices, right within our app. A holistic view of your health, all in one place.

  • Visualize Your Progress with Heads Up Reports: Track and analyze your fasting patterns over time. Our enhanced Heads Up Reports offer a visual representation of your fasting journey for deeper insights.

  • Fasting Summary Stats on Dashboard: Quick and easy access to your fasting statistics with our new Fasting Summary Stats feature on the dashboard. A snapshot of your recent fasting activities, just a flip away.

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Experience all these features on both our iOS mobile app and the web. Your fasting data, synchronized and accessible, whenever and wherever you need it.

If you are looking for directions on setting up your fasting timer, check out the support article.

Ready to elevate your fasting routine?

Biohacking Dashboards For Clinics

Biohacking Dashboards For Clinics

Unlocking the Power of Data: How Heads Up’s Biohacking Dashboard Revolutionizes Outcome Tracking for Biohacking Clinics

In the fast-evolving world of biohacking, data is king. Biohacking enthusiasts and practitioners continuously seek innovative ways to optimize health and performance. The ability to accurately track, analyze, and validate the outcomes of various biohacking interventions is crucial.

Enter Heads Up’s Biohacking Dashboard—a game-changer for biohackers, biohacking clinics and researchers.

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personal dashboard comp dark

What is the Biohacking Dashboard?

A Biohacking Dashboard is a cutting-edge platform designed specifically for health optimizers, wellness professionals, biohacking clinics, and health researchers. It integrates multiple data sources to provide a comprehensive view of an individual’s health metrics. From traditional medical data to wearable device statistics and self-reported information, the Biohacking Dashboard brings it all together in one seamless interface.

How Does It Work?

1. Comprehensive Data Integration

The Biohacking Dashboard aggregates data from a variety of sources, including:

  • Electronic Medical Records (EMRs): Integrate patient medical histories, lab results, and treatment plans.
  • Wearable Devices: Track real-time data from fitness trackers, smartwatches, and other wearable health gadgets.
  • Self-Reported Data: Incorporate information from diet logs, sleep journals, and other personal health records.

This holistic approach ensures that biohackers and their clinicians have a 360-degree view of their health, enabling more informed decision-making.

2. Advanced Analytics and Insights

Once the data is aggregated, the real magic happens. The Biohacking Dashboard employs advanced analytics to:

  • Identify Trends: Spot patterns and correlations between different health metrics.
  • Predict Outcomes: Use predictive modeling to foresee the effects of various biohacking interventions.
  • Personalize Interventions: Tailor biohacking protocols based on individual responses and historical data.

These insights allow biohacking clinics to optimize their protocols, ensuring that each intervention is as effective as possible.

3. Real-Time Monitoring and Feedback

The Biohacking Dashboard provides real-time monitoring capabilities, allowing practitioners to track the immediate effects of biohacking interventions. This real-time feedback loop is essential for:

  • Immediate Adjustments: Make necessary changes to protocols on the fly.
  • Ongoing Optimization: Continuously refine and improve biohacking strategies based on up-to-date data.

4. Validating Outcomes

One of the biggest challenges in biohacking is validating the outcomes of various interventions. The Biohacking Dashboard addresses this by:

  • Objective Measurement: Provide objective, data-driven insights into the effectiveness of biohacking protocols.
  • Outcome Tracking: Track long-term outcomes to assess the sustainability and efficacy of interventions.
  • Data-Driven Validation: Use comprehensive data to validate the claims and promises of various biohacking methods.
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Why Biohacking Clinics Love the Biohacking Dashboard

Enhancing Credibility

By using the Biohacking Dashboard, clinics can back their biohacking protocols with hard data, enhancing their credibility and building trust with their clients.

Improving Client Outcomes

The ability to personalize and optimize interventions leads to better client outcomes, higher satisfaction, and more successful biohacking journeys.

Streamlining Operations

The all-in-one platform simplifies the management of vast amounts of data, streamlining clinic operations and allowing practitioners to focus more on their clients.

Thousands Of Data Sources


In the world of biohacking, where the quest for optimization is never-ending, Heads Up’s Biohacking Dashboard stands out as a vital tool for clinics and researchers. By integrating diverse data sources, providing advanced analytics, enabling real-time monitoring, and validating outcomes, it empowers biohacking clinics to deliver superior results.

Whether you are a biohacking enthusiast or a clinic aiming to enhance your services, the Heads Up Biohacking Dashboard and connected health platform is your ultimate ally in the pursuit of producing optimal health and performance for your clients.

Ready to revolutionize your biohacking practice? Discover the power of Heads Up’s Biohacking Dashboard today and take your clinic to new heights.

Schedule a custom demo to see the program in action.

Concierge Medicine Dashboard With Outcomes Validation Data

Concierge Medicine Dashboard With Outcomes Validation Data

In the rapidly evolving landscape of healthcare, our Concierge Medicine Dashboard stands out as a transformative tool for concierge medicine practices aiming to enhance patient care and streamline operations. By integrating comprehensive data-driven integrations and insights while fostering a personalized approach to health management, our dashboard is revolutionizing how concierge medicine validates and improves outcomes for patients.

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Personalized Concierge Care with Comprehensive Data

The Concierge Medicine Connected Health Platform offers seamless aggregation of health data from multiple sources, including electronic health records (EHRs), wearable technology, and patient-reported outcomes. This consolidated health data is crucial for concierge medicine, where personalized care and in-depth health monitoring are paramount. With access to a comprehensive health profile, physicians can tailor treatments to individual needs and track progress with precision.

Enhance Patient Engagement With Concierge Medicine Dashboards

Our Concierge Medicine Dashboard encourages patients to take an active role in their health journey. The user-friendly interface and real-time data access motivate patients to monitor their health metrics, understand the impact of lifestyle choices, and adhere to treatment plans. This level of engagement leads to better health outcomes and heightened patient satisfaction.

Validate Outcomes Through Data-Driven Insights

The Concierge Medicine Dashboard provides data-driven insights that help validate health outcomes. Advanced analytics and customizable reporting allow concierge medicine practices to quantify the effectiveness of treatment plans and make evidence-based adjustments. This objective approach ensures care is both effective and efficient.

Concierge Medicine Dashboard Streamlines Operations

Concierge medicine practices benefit from the operational efficiencies our Concierge Medicine Dashboard offers. By automating data collection and integration, it reduces the administrative burden, allowing healthcare providers to focus more on patient care. Secure communication tools further enhance the efficiency and quality of care.

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Future-Proof Your Concierge Medicine Practice

As healthcare shifts towards more personalized and preventative care models, the Concierge Medicine Dashboard helps concierge medicine practices stay ahead. Leveraging technology to enhance patient care and improve outcomes ensures practices are sustainable and contributes to the advancement of healthcare.

Deciding Factors

Our Concierge Medicine Dashboard is an essential tool for concierge medicine practices dedicated to delivering exceptional, personalized healthcare. By leveraging comprehensive data, enhancing patient engagement, and streamlining operations, it ensures patients receive the best care tailored to their unique needs.

Want to try it out?

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New Feature: PROMIS Scores Assessments

New Feature: PROMIS Scores Assessments

Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System, PROMIS, is a set of person-centered measures that evaluates and monitors physical, mental, and social health.

The Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System (PROMIS) is a comprehensive measurement tool that collects information directly from patients to assess various aspects of their health for assessing physical, symptoms, mental, and social health domains, providing a holistic picture of the patient’s condition [1]. It can be used with the general population and with individuals living with chronic conditions.

PROMIS enables healthcare professionals to accurately monitor patient progress and make informed decisions about their care, ultimately enhancing patient-centered care and improving health outcomes [2].

PROMIS is a set of person-centered measures that evaluates and monitors physical, mental, and social health. It can be used with the general population and with individuals living with chronic conditions [3].

Designed with state-of-the-science methods, PROMIS is psychometrically sound and aims to transform how life domains are measured [3]. It is also created to enhance communication between clinicians and patients in diverse research and clinical settings [3]. PROMIS is relevant across all conditions for the assessment of symptoms and functions [3].

lisa m promis

Health care decision-making should be based on the needs of our patients. So, it’s really important for a practicing physician or a clinical researcher to be able to really understand what our patients are trying to tell us. But actually communicating to your physician isn’t as easy as it sounds.”


Clinical measures of health outcomes, such as x-rays and lab tests, may have minimal relevance to the day-to-day functioning of patients with chronic diseases. Often, the best way patients can judge the effectiveness of treatments is by changes in symptoms. 

This is why the PROMIS initiative was developed through a National Institute of Health program and funded through the NIH Common Fund. The goal of PROMIS was to improve the reporting and quantification of changes in patient-reported outcomes. 

The process borrows from a concept that’s highly used in education, Item Response Theory, to help get better answers from patients with fewer questions. 

PROMIS scores offer a system of highly reliable, precise measures of patient-reported health status for physical, mental, and social well-being; used to measure health symptoms and health-related quality of life domains that are relevant to a variety of chronic diseases, including cancer.

PROMIS was successful in addressing the lack of standardization in patient-reported outcomes and has had a substantial impact, with approximately 70 domains measuring pain, fatigue, depression, anxiety, sleep disturbance, physical function, social function, and sexual function, among other areas; resulting in over 400 publications and more than 100 NIH grants have supported investigations using PROMIS instruments.

Researchers in the US and internationally are using PROMIS at accelerating rates, with substantial integration beginning in clinical settings and permeating into clinical practices because PROMIS items score high in reliability, precision, and construct validity.

  • Developed and validated with state-of-the-science methods to be psychometrically sound and to transform how life domains are measured
  • Designed to enhance communication between clinicians and patients in diverse research and clinical settings
  • Created to be relevant across all conditions for the assessment of symptoms and functions

Now you can leverage PROMIS scores with Heads Up, in your practice or research. Simply, navigate to the assessments section of the desktop app to get started.  

Here’s how you can test out this new feature today:

  • Login to your Heads Up account
  • Navigate to the Assessments section
  • Look for the PROMIS 29 sample assessment
  • Assign the PROMIS Assessment to one or more users within your organization
  • Review results within the Signals section

If you would like to learn more about leveraging PROMIS scores, schedule a time with our specialists here.


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Rupa Health – Labs Integration

Rupa Health – Labs Integration

Now integrated: Rupa Health + Heads Up.

Heads Up and Rupa Health have combined to create a powerful new solution for analyzing diagnostic lab data. 

Rupa Health is an innovative healthcare technology company that provides patients with personalized, evidence-based recommendations to improve their health and well-being. Through their advanced algorithms, Rupa Health is able to provide tailored recommendations based on a patient’s individual lifestyle and needs.

Using a combination of artificial intelligence and human understanding, they are able to offer personalized advice to help patients achieve better health outcomes. By utilizing the latest science and technology, Rupa Health has revolutionized the way we view healthcare. Their goal is to empower individuals by providing them with the tools and information they need to make informed decisions about their health. Rupa Health’s mission is to democratize knowledge in healthcare, making it more accessible for everyone.

Instantly sync lab results from Rupa Health into Heads Up. Data is automatically extracted from PDF files and turned into powerful charts, graphs, reports, insights and much more!

By connecting Rupa Health’s lab results to Heads Up, users can save time and energy. With just a few clicks the data is automatically extracted from PDF files into powerful visuals such as charts, graphs, reports and insights. These visuals make it easier to understand the data and use it to make informed decisions. With this integration, users can quickly and easily get access to all their lab results in one place and have them organized in a way that makes sense to them.

Ditch the PDF files

  • Automatic data extraction technology takes data out of PDF files and turns it into powerful charts and graphs. 
  • No more painstaking side-by-side PDF files trying to assess progress from one test to the next

Take back your time

  • Preparing patient charts goes from hours to seconds
  • No more tedious and time-consuming spreadsheets trying to prepare a patient’s chart

Delight your patients

  • Bring lab data to life for your patients with a beautiful and intuitive user interface

See the big picture

  • Go beyond diagnostic lab data. Bring everything together like, wearables, health apps, user inputted data, with Heads Up to see the big picture of your client’s health.

Customized to meet your needs

Including custom white label solutions.

How it works:

  1. Link your Rupa Health account to Heads Up 
  2. Order lab results through the Rupa Health portal 
  3. Results automatically sync with Heads Up
  4. Leverage the Heads Up platform for all your data analysis needs

Want to try it out?

Sign up here for a free starter account.

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RPM Billing Data Dashboard

RPM Billing Data Dashboard

Updated: June 2023
We’re excited to announce the latest release of our Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) dashboard, which includes significant performance and frontend improvements. This updated version is designed to further enhance your user experience and streamline your workflows.

Below are the key enhancements included in this update:

  • Predicted Month-End Days for CPT 99454 Claims: This feature will help you better anticipate the month-end days for CPT 99454 claims, aiding in effective planning and management of your claims.
  • Predicted Month-End Minutes for CPT 99457/99458 Claims: To enhance your efficiency, we have introduced a feature predicting the month-end minutes for CPT 99457/99458 claims.
  • Manual Time Reporting with More Details: To provide greater clarity and transparency, we have added a manual time reporting feature with more detailed information.
  • Customizable Tag Preferences: This new feature allows you to categorize your RPM patients into multiple groups using customizable tags, offering more flexibility in patient management.
  • Enhanced Accuracy: We have improved the system to avoid inadvertent time expansion, thus ensuring precise reporting of RPM billing information.
  • Detailed RPM Report: A comprehensive report for RPM minutes has been added, providing in-depth insights and thorough data analysis.
  • Export to CSV Functionality: We have introduced an ‘export to CSV’ function to ease data review and manipulation. This feature enables you to download the data into a CSV file, which can be managed in applications like Excel or Numbers.

The RPM dashboard now includes a redesigned user interface for easier navigation and the ability to monitor your patients’ vital signs in real-time. Data can be accessed quickly, allowing you to see how treatments are progressing and make any necessary adjustments. You can also view detailed patient histories and track trends over time.

We hope this update makes it easier for you to provide the best care possible to your patients. If you have any feedback or questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

We look forward to continue bringing you new features and improving your user experience!

As always, we remain committed to protecting the security and privacy of your data. All patient information is stored securely and protected with the highest levels of encryption. We also regularly review our systems for threats and vulnerabilities to ensure that your data remains safe.

We’re here to help you provide the best care possible for your patients, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need assistance. Thank you for being part of the Heads Up community!