Dr Grace Liu

We are honored to kick off our inaugural show with the lovely and uber-talented Dr. Grace Liu. Also known as “The Gut Goddess,” and sometimes, “The Poo Princess,” Dr. Grace is a Functional Medicine Practioner, Gut Health Educator, and the founder of The Gut Institute.

She uses Heads Up Health with her clients, many who are top-tier athletes, busy executives, and multi-tasking moms. We’re lucky to have her join us to talk about the gut microbiome, which is one of the most important, yet often overlooked, elements of our health.

Dr. Grace’s training includes four years in plant biology, bachelor in nutritional science and food science, a doctorate in pharmacy, and Crossfit Nutrition Certified by Robb Wolf (and Nicki Violetti). She’s also very data-driven in her approach to working with her clients.

Check out her website and listen to Dr. Grace Liu’s podcast here.

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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Gut microbiome 101: What are the functions of the gut and why it’s important
  • Gut damage: From antibiotics to environment, a look at what causes damage to our gut microbiome
  • Tools for assessing gut health
    • Bristol Stool Chart – and best scores
    • Conventional lab testing: White blood cell (WBC), Iron, Ferritin, CBC, Vitamin D, Liver (ALT, AST)
    • Functional testing: The Organic Acids Test
  • Best practices for supporting and maintaining a healthy microbiome
  • Why Dr. Grace loves using Heads Up Health with her clients to track metrics
  • How Dave added, at Dr. Grace’s request, the Bristol Stool Test as a metric into Heads Up Health for clients to track

Dr. Grace’s biomarkers for assessing gut health

Biomarker Dr. Grace’s

Reference Range

Iron 60-120
Ferritin 70-120
WBC 5-7
hs-CRP < 1.0
TSH 0.5-1.5
Reverse T3 <15 Goes up w/stress
Free T3 Upper 1/3rd of lab ranges Unless history of thyroid cancer
Free T4   Upper 1/3rd of lab ranges
        Male <15
            Female <12
     Male <15
        Female <12
Hemoglobin a1c <= 4.9% Unless anemia or iron overload present because these shorten lifespan of the RBC and lab underestimates glycation; conversely in super healthy individuals the RBCs have longer life spans and overestimates glycation. Fructosamine is far more reliable
and sensitive
Fructosamine <=200

Watch on YouTube

Check out the interview on YouTube where you can watch Dave and Dr. Grace dive deeper into the data:


  1. Robb Wolf’s book: Wired to Eat
  2. Israel study on blood sugar
  3. Bristol Stool Chart – What Your Poop Is Telling You
  4. Eighty percent of French sport winners in Olympic, World and Europeans competitions have mutations in the hemochromatosis HFE gene
  5. AHS 2017: The Dirt on Cancer (featuring Dr. Grace Liu and Dr. Nasha Winters)
  6. Dr. Grace’s Probiotic mentioned
  7. The Human Longevity Project (Film featuring experts, including Dr. Grace Liu)

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