Ginny Shelby is now a retired long-haul truck driver who experienced a complete health transformation after teaching herself to eat keto on the road, from the cab of her semi-truck!

Listen as Dave Korsunsky talks with Ginny about how she was able to manage keto on the road and track her statistics with Heads Up Health while she lost 85 pounds and reversed her symptoms of pre-diabetes, diabetic neuropathy and plantar fibromatosis in the process!

Starting the keto diet in Feb of 2016 she has been able to attain and maintain her goal of lowering her A1C, and daily blood glucose readings in addition to her incredible weight loss.

Initially motivated by a genetic predisposition to diabetes and heart disease, her health transformation extends further than just disease avoidance.

Now, both she and her husband are retired from driving and living on the Oregon coast. They continue to eat a ketogenic diet and track their health status with the Heads Up Health tracking app.  

If you’ve considered trying a ketogenic diet and felt like you just couldn’t manage it with your busy life, then you need to hear Ginny’s story about how she had a Keto Lifestyle Transformation while on the road.

Ginny is a great example of the saying “when there is a will, there is a way”.

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In this podcast you’ll learn:

  • How she successfully lost 85 pounds and kept it off after years of yo-yo dieting
  • That she improved her A1C from 6.2-5.4 without drugs
  • Why she isn’t someone who can let up on strict keto due to carb cravings to be successful
  • About her Facebook group LongHaulKeto Cooks
  • How while eating keto food on the go she eliminated food thought and cravings 
  • Why she realized that eating keto is different for each person and tracking is the best way to find out what works for you
  • Why she had to find a new doctor after implementing the keto diet
  • How she saw foot pain resolve that she had been suffering with for years in just two weeks on the keto diet
  • Why Ginny thinks continuing to listen to podcasts and info on keto is helpful in the long-term
  • What items she kept in the truck to prepare food
  • How she was able to shop and prepare when at home for a week on the road
  • The health metrics she chose to track were blood glucose, fasting, blood ketones, breath ketones, glucose-ketone index, weight and blood pressure
  • Why she chose to avoid statins and other meds and change her diet instead
  • How she incorporates daily fasting now
  • Why podcasts and current books can keep you more informed on new science than your medical doctor
  • That walking into your doctor’s office with your data in the Heads Up Health app can help you to prove to them that diet modification works


Ginny’s Facebook group LongHaulKeto Cooks

More on Ginny’s story here

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