Fix your gut, fix your health. That is the sentiment that Dr. Stephen Barrie espouses in his work as a founding pioneer in the gut microbiome field for the last 35 years. His most recent work in developing Viome provides personalized nutrition recommendations based on your gut microbiome to support your health.

Dr. Barrie is a physician, entrepreneur, scientist, teacher, keynote speaker, and author. He founded Genova Diagnostics in 1986 and developed the first clinical intestinal permeability lab test, SIBO breath test, and comprehensive stool analysis. Dr. Barrie has also spent seven years assisting the Chinese Central Government in incorporating Functional Medicine into their healthcare system.

As the Chief Business Development Officer at Viome, Dr. Stephen Barrie has contributed to a system that takes microbiome testing to a new dimension. Viome offers home testing with results accessed through a phone app. Results show gut, metabolic and body scores, as well as what you can do to support keeping your gut microbiome, and therefore you, healthy.

Viome helps you understand how the bacteria in your gut affects your health, what bacteria you have and how to feed it with foods that are optimal for you. It can even help you support proper blood sugar regulation by recommending foods that help balance your gut microbiome.

Listen in as Dave Korsunsky, Founder of Heads Up Health, talks to Dr. Stephen Barrie about how both of their companies help people quantify elements of their health — sometimes a puzzle! –and how this health data empowers users to take control of their health so they can make their own decisions.

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In this podcast you’ll learn:

  • How we can understand the activity of the microbiome with Viome and gain practical info on how to implement the findings
  • What a microbiome is and how it’s bigger than just your gut
  • That the metabolic genetic activity of the gut is 1000 times more than all our other human cells
  • How there are 8000+ different species and the more species you have, the better your health
  • How a dysbiotic gut means that your health is affected due to the diversity getting narrower, creating an unstable environment
  • Why the cause of virtually every chronic disease is the microbiome, including Alzheimer’s and Autism
  • How to get started with Viome and the user-friendly app
  • Results provided are implementable, as the data is interpreted with algorithms that are beyond human interpretation
  • How based on your gut microbiome, you can react positively or negatively to a food no matter how healthy it is
  • Why Dr. Barrie believes there is no one universal healthy diet, that it depends on what is going in your gut microbiome
  • That you can restore your gut health and open up your diet to many more healthy foods
  • How we can look at the gut to provide insight into glycemic reactions of foods without having to test blood sugar
  • Due to gut microbiome differences, two people can eat the same thing and have different blood sugar reactions
  • That the effectiveness of cancer immunotherapy and the gut microbiome are linked
  • How you can combine the personalized nutrition suggestions from Viome with any dietary restrictions you already follow for deeper healing
  • That the gut can up- or down- regulate the inflammatory pathways in the body
  • Staying on a restricting healing diet, too long, can be detrimental to long-term results, so retesting can give you new personalized nutrition suggestions every few months
  • You can reduce flares of autoimmune diseases by supporting your gut health
  • How HRV can be linked to gut microbiome activity and health with tracking
  • Most brain activity is not independent but following what the gut is telling it
  • Improving your HRV will also help improve your microbiome and vice versa as your microbiome sends messages out and is also listening to incoming input
  • What a PREbiotic is and how it supports the gut microbiome
  • How you can narrow in on what probiotic strains you need and what foods benefit their colonization based on Viome results
  • How in the future Viome and Heads Up Health can be linked to provide greater data integration for you to implement
  • A YouTube (coming soon) screen share of what the Viome app looks like
  • Learn about specific probiotic strains identified in your sample


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