Tired of your everyday keto recipes?  Kelly Tan Peterson is lighting the low carb keto world on fire with her new book KETO EAST, co-written with her husband Dr. Dan Peterson. Kelly shares low carb keto Asian recipes that “turn Asian classics into ketogenic favorites,” as Maria Emmerich noted in the blurb of Kelly’s cookbook. Give your taste buds a kick in the pants with all the flavor that Kelly brings to the table with low carb keto Asian food recipes that are not just delicious, but healthy too!

Originally from Singapore, Kelly Tan Peterson moved to the United States after meeting her husband Dr. Dan Peterson. She began eating a keto diet after seeing how he ate. She watched her own metabolic and weight issues resolve, quickly rebalancing her body and maintaining it while eating keto. What she missed, though, was her traditional diet from back home.

Deciding that she did not have to choose one type of food over the other, she found a way to bring her Asian culture into the keto world. This was a challenge she wanted to take on, not only to be able to eat her favorite meals, but also to bring the benefits of ketogenic eating to her friends and family back in Singapore. This began her journey into low-carb advocacy in the spirit of love to inspire those metabolically damaged in Asia to improve their health eating familiar food they loved. 

What began as a blog and recipe sharing has become a series of books – KETO EAST (already published) and two more to follow: KETO BAKED and KETO WEST. Keep your eye out for Kelly Tan Peterson — she’s spreading low carb keto awareness and delicious recipes — to Asia and beyond!

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In this podcast you’ll learn:

  • How Kelly Tan Peterson struggled with cholesterol, acidic stomach, and blood glucose before meeting her husband [3:15]
  • Why Kelly wondered how her husband, a doctor, could be eating such a high fat and low carb diet, let alone recommending it to his patients [3:30]
  • As she began eating a LCHF diet along with her husband, she realized that just by changing the way she eats, her symptoms improved. Now she has no weight issues at all as long as she avoids starch and sugar [4:05]
  • Why certain foods in her culture were problematic for her and how awareness is slowly growing in Singapore [5:15]
  • How she used social media to post what she ate and her new lifestyle, drawing curiosity from her friends [6:45]
  • Why it’s easy to eat out in Singapore, even if you’re eating low carb keto Asian food, simply by making swaps for carbs/starches [7:45]
  • How food in the Asian culture, like roast duck, crispy pork belly, roast chicken and plenty of vegetables, can fit within a low carb keto diet, just watch for hidden carbs like a glaze on meat [9:30]
  • Why it’s not hard to eat anywhere in the world and find something that would qualify as low carb/high fat [11:00]
  • How after spending the last six weeks traveling throughout Asia she realized that there was much less obesity when she was a child. Now, on yearly visits to Singapore, her observation is that even children are getting bigger, requiring larger uniforms [11:30]
  • How food in Singapore is getting sweeter now, seeing with each visit, more fast food and western food chains in Asian countries [13:10]
  • Why eating all of the typical popular foods can hijack your brain, perpetuating the problem of cravings, leading to food addictions [14:20]
  • Kelly realizes now that the longer she is off of carbs and sweets, she tastes so much more flavor in natural foods, while friends who eat a Standard American Diet cannot taste [16:00]
  • Why even after 9 years of eating keto, if hidden carbs are eaten, she’ll notice cravings for snacks and other foods due to the brain changes that occur [16:45]
  • About Kelly’s approach to keto Asian recipes and her cookbooks which are written in both English and Mandarin [18:20]
  • Kelly talks about how she’s adapted the low carb keto diet to her ethnic diet of noodles and rice dishes with shirataki noodles or cauliflower rice but using the same traditional methods of cooking those dishes to retain their flavor and depth [19:30]
  • Kelly gives an example of how she adapts Young Chow fried rice to keto while keeping the flavor people don’t want to lose [22:20]
  • Her book contains her personal story of her cultural background and how she was able to bring that into keto and adapt it, rather than give up all the foods she loves [24:30]
  • How she tests all the recipes with her blood glucose to make sure it doesn’t spike [25:30]
  • Why Kelly still occasionally tests her ketones and glucose. She tested more frequently when she first began the keto diet. Now she does it so she could relate how she feels to what her glucose levels are (e.g., water retention in her ankles)  [26:15]
  • How KETO BAKED will be her next book to release, which was born from watching her mom go through cancer while navigating a culture that is rich in higher carbs and how socializing always involves sharing foods [28:10]
  • How Kelly hopes that if she can interest people with a keto baking book, they can cut their carbs in half while still eating tasty food/treats, making the transition easier later if they want to do keto [30:15]
  • How her third book will be called KETO WEST: bringing in American and French meals with a touch of Asian flavor [32:00]
  • About the response she’s getting in Asia by sharing her story of how she feeds herself and her family [33:40]


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