New to low carb or ketogenic eating and unsure if you’re in ketosis? Or eating low carb but not achieving the results you were hoping for? Measuring breath ketones with the LEVL ketone breath meter is an accurate and non-invasive method to measuring and tracking.

No more poking your finger multiple times a day to get feedback on whether or not what you’re doing is working. Find out more about how this device works and how to easily track this data along with other metrics using Heads Up Health.

In this podcast episode, Dave Korsunsky, sits down with Joe Anderson, Ph.D. of LEVL. Together they share how tracking breath ketones with the LEVL ketone breath meter and integrating it into your Heads Up Health account can help you optimize your approach to fat burning and metabolic health.

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This podcast is brought to you by Heads Up Health, a web app designed to help you centrally track all of your vital health data. Instantly synchronize your medical records, connect your favorite health devices and apps like LEVL and use your data to optimize your health!

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In this episode, you’ll learn about the LEVL ketone breath meter and much more:

  • The correlation between breath acetone to fat loss
  • Importance of using an FDA approved medical device for testing
  • What makes the LEVL ketone breath meter accurate 
  • How the LEVL ketone breath meter doesn’t allow you to test inaccurately
  • Learn how the LEVL ketone breath meter offers a user-friendly app and integrates seamlessly with your Heads Up Health account
  • The difference between testing urine, blood and breath ketones
  • Why the LEVL ketone breath meter provides superior accuracy for breath ketone testing
  • Why the LEVL ketone breath meter is easier than testing blood ketones
  • How you can save money by using the LEVL ketone breath meter when testing multiple times per day
  • How easy it is to use and calibrate the LEVL ketone breath meter
  • How ketones correlate to what you’re eating/level of exercise, etc.
  • How to see the cause and effect of input (carbs, exercise) to output (ketones) through testing
  • The difference between the glucose-ketone index (measured with blood ketone testing) and the glucose-acetone index (measured with breath)
  • How nutritional ketosis is beneficial for disease state reversal–brain health, cancer, diabetes, etc.
  • How Heads Up Health helps you correlate your own metrics to find a customized dietary, exercise plan for yourself
  • How Heads Up Health integrates with other apps like MyFitness Pal, wearables like Oura ring, and devices like LEVL and Keto Mojo, your blood lab results (learn how to connect to Quest or LabCorp), and more to provide a treasure trove of data for optimizing your health
  • What info is tracked in the LEVL app
  • See a screen share of the LEVL mobile app (forthcoming YouTube video)
  • A screen share of Dave’s Heads Up Health App integrated with the LEVL device.


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