Mark Young, CEO of Zona Plus, is committed to delivering practical solutions in a way that invites people to the world of integrated health strategies. In today’s episode, Mark is sharing everything you need to know about the Zona Plus, the latest biohacking solution that can drastically improve your cardiovascular health in just 12 minutes a day!

Tune in for this episode as we dive into the science behind how Zona Plus can do wonders for your health! Whether you’re looking to address chronic joint pain or regulate your blood pressure, the Zona Plus offers a range of benefits through simple hand-grip exercises that you can do from the comforts of your own couch!

This episode is perfect for anyone looking to enter the data-driven and integrated health space. We talk about the accessibility of Zona Plus and how its integration with Heads Up makes it a powerful tool to understand our unique algorithm to optimize our health.

HIGHLIGHTS Of The Data Driven Podcast

[2:40] Mark’s Origin Story

[10:00] What Exactly Is Zona Plus?

[15:14] How Zona Plus Helps You Achieve Static Contraction 

[17:30] The Benefits Of Nitric Oxide For The Body

[20:45] How Zona Plus Can Help With Blood pressure as you age

[24:40] Getting A Cardiovascular Workout From Your Couch!

[28:05] The Problem With Traditional Healthcare

[32:00] Figuring Out The “Algorithm” Of Your Health

[37:20] How Heads Up And Zona Plus Can Supercharge Your Life

[41:05] The Best Introduction To Integrated Health Solutions

[47:00] Mark’s Top 3 Health Metrics

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