Are vegetable oils bad for your health? Does the quality of fats in your diet really matter? Absolutely!

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Welcome to the first of our new Quick Hits feature episodes, delivering the quick and dirty details on topics that are important to you and your health. In 15 minutes or less we’ll deliver important health info to you to keep your mind active whether you’re waiting in the carpool lane, on your morning commute, or fitting in a quick workout!

Why are industrial seed and vegetable oils bad for your health? In this Quick Hits episode, Dave Korsunsky sits down with Dr. John Limansky, MD board-certified physician of Internal Medicine to ‘chew the fat’ on this important topic.

We’re diving in quick to get you the big ideas and then we’ll provide you some resources at the bottom of the page for further reading if you want to learn more. You’ll get a quick intro into why vegetable oils are bad and why you should take measures to avoid them in your diet for optimal health.  

While ketogenic dieting has gained a lot of popularity, it is important to note that the quality of fats is just as, if not more important, than the quantity you consume.

You literally build your body with every bite you take, so take a few minutes to learn just why are vegetable oils bad and why you should avoid them.  

Are you still unclear on which fats are good, and which are associated with increased health risks?  

Take a listen and see how your diet rates!

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In this Quick Hits episode, you’ll learn:

  • The importance of eating healthy fats, especially while doing a ketogenic diet
  • Why are seed and vegetable oils bad for your health?
  • What specific vegetable and seed oils are detrimental
  • How we got to the point of thinking these were “heart healthy” fats
  • Why these vegetable oils are so prevalent in our food supply
  • How trans fats are created through the processing of vegetable oils
  • How canola oil is derived, and how it was not even initially allowed for human consumption
  • How a man converted his car to run on vegetable oils for fuel
  • How these bad vegetable oils get stuck in your body and cause damage
  • How these vegetable oils lead to overproduction of free radicals and other health risks
  • Why you need a 1:1 ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 fats in your diet
  • Why these bad vegetable oils are pro-inflammatory
  • How there can still be trans-fats in foods labeled “no trans fats”
  • How these vegetable oils can damage cells and become plastic-like, decreasing function in your brain and liver
  • What you can do about improving your omega 3-6 ratio
  • What foods are healthy fat sources
  • How fasting can help get rid of these damaging vegetable oils


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