In this episode, we interview Functional Medicine practitioner Awais Spall for an engaging conversation on the power of peptide therapy for microbiome health. More specifically, we dig into some powerful peptides for microbiome medicine including BPC 157, KPV peptide, Thymosin Alpha 1 and Larazotide.

Awais Spall is a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner committed to empowering people to step outside conventional medicine and enter the restorative world of Functional Medicine, peptide therapy, Ayurveda and psychospiritual health.

His passion for integrative health interventions began after his own challenges with recurring physical injuries and digestion issues.

Today, Awais has worked with countless clients and athletes to provide unique approaches to leading healthy lives through Functional Medicine approaches to microbiome health.

So if you’re interested in the fascinating science of peptide therapy, microbiome medicine and cutting-edge biohacks, get ready to jot down notes from this incredibly educational episode!

HIGHLIGHTS Of The Data Driven Podcast

[2:30] Getting Started with Unconventional Medicine

[6:05] On Awais’ Shoulder Injury

[10:10] Am I Actually Healthy?

[14:20] How Regenerative Health Can Heal Food Intolerances

[21:35] What Is Larazotide?

[28:00] Our Personal Favorite Peptides (BPC-157, KPV, Thymosin Alpha 1, Larazotide)

[29:17] The Power of the Epitalon Peptide

[35:00] Optimizing Health As We Age

[41:25] The Psychospiritual Aspect of Integrative Health

[44:55] How to Work With Awaiss Spall

Work with Awais Spall:




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