In this episode we discuss the latest science around weight loss and body composition using peptides and supplements including GLP-1, CJC-1295, Ipamorelin, LeuSynergy, MOTS-c, BPC-157 and more.

Leonard Pastrana is a clinical pharmacist who shares his expertise on cellular medicine, peptide protocols and more. Leonard is the founder/CEO of nuBioAge, a wellness network focused on helping practitioners develop customized protocols for their patients.

Join us for a cutting edge discussion on how peptide protocols can transform the way we think about weight loss, body composition and longevity. We also talk about the importance of diagnostic lab testing and advanced body composition testing from DEXA and InBody. 

This episode serves as a crash course for anyone interested in leveraging how peptides can drastically transform your weight loss journey and set you up for success in the years to come.

HIGHLIGHTS Of The Data Driven Podcast

[3:20] Len’s Introduction to Peptides

[6:20] How Nubioage Came to Be

[10:20] Unpacking Cellular Intelligence

[13:55] Changing the Way We See Long-Term Health

[15:30] On The Peptide Super Stack 

[19:03] The Power of Low Dosing L-Leucine

[22:30] Preserving Muscle with Growth Hormones

[24:30] Successful Experience with GLP-1

[30:00] Increasing Testosterone with Strength Training

[35:35] Leonard’s Recommended Protocol for Weight Loss

[43:10] How Cellular Medicine Improves the Way We Age

[44:50] Comparing Scale Weight vs. Body Composition

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