Dr. Beth McDougall is a leading integrative medical doctor who co-founded Jyzen, a world-class bio-optimization lab based in Mill Valley, CA.

With over 25 years of experience, she has been at the forefront of an emerging paradigm shift to transform the practice of traditional medicine. As an accomplished author and speaker, Dr. Beth comes with a wealth of knowledge on how one can achieve profound well-being and radical healing.Tune in for an eye-opening episode on the early days of integrative medicine, Dr. Beth’s insights into common health conditions, and the power of being a ‘medical detective’.

We dig deep into toxin tests, mitochondrial dysfunction, longevity secrets, and more.

We also discuss how Dr. Beth has integrated the best of integrative medicine with state of the art biohacking and physical fitness – all under one roof at Jyzen.

This episode offers must-hear learning moments for anyone thinking about reversing disease, anti-aging, and achieving optimal health.

HIGHLIGHTS Of The Data Driven Podcast

[1:15] Beginning the Integrative Medicine Journey

[4:55] Dave‘s Profound Experience With Functional Medicine

[7:35] Most Commonly Treated Conditions at JYZEN

[11:00] Must-Do Toxin Tests

[13:01] Watch Out for Mitochondria Dysfunction 

[15:55] The Secret Being a Medical Detective

[19:25] Why JYZEN Is a Powerhouse for Longevity

[25:42] Who Is JYZEN For?

[31:40] The Incredible Way Water Remembers

[42:20] The Impact of Our Personal Lifestyle Choices

[45:15] Heads Up and JYZEN Collaboration

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