Cavin Balaster’s story is an inspiration to all that know and follow him.  After falling off a two-story building in 2011 and nearly dying, Cavin used functional medicine to aid his recovery from his resulting traumatic brain injury. In this podcast learn how Cavin connects the ketogenic diet and traumatic brain injury to aid in brain recovery.

While emergency medicine saved Cavin’s life after his injury, he gives more credit to functional medicine and the ketogenic diet for improving his quality of life in his recovery.

Ketogenic diet and traumatic brain injury are gaining more attention and Cavin Balaster is a big reason for the connection between the two.   

Cavin is a speaker, educator, musician, author of How to Feed a Brain: Nutrition for Optimal Brain Function and Repair, and host of the Brain Injury Podcast. You can find him on YouTube LinkedIn Facebook and Twitter as @feedabrain

His work to spread awareness and change the way we support those recovering from traumatic brain injury is changing the quality of life for those suffering from brain injuries. 

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In this podcast you’ll learn:

  • Hear about Cavin’s life both before his traumatic brain injury accident and after
  • About his Diffuse Axonal Injury
  • How he used a ketogenic diet to aid his recovery from a traumatic brain injury
  • The appalling food sources hospitals feed traumatic brain injury patients
  • What it takes to really feed a brain to heal
  • How he grew up in a health-conscious town but never bought into it until his health depended on it
  • Why a ketogenic diet and traumatic brain injury is the best way to feed a recovering brain
  • About the serendipitous events that lead him to the right specialists at the right time to guide his healing
  • How the window for healing a brain is bigger than we’ve previously thought
  • How the gut and the brain are so linked that you can’t heal one without addressing the other
  • That the gut-brain connection is bi-directional
  • How he considered himself a ‘foodie’ before realizing what real food was really about
  • How nutrition wasn’t initially on his radar for healing and how it became a critical foundational to his recovery
  • Why mindset can make all the difference in healing from a traumatic brain injury
  • How he has been able to bring music back into his life to continue doing what he loves
  • About his work with Dr. Alex Vasquez and functional neurology
  • About his interview series – Feed A Brain with functional medicine and ketogenic leader such as Dr. Perlmutter, Dr. Kharrazian, Dr. Wahls, Nora Gedgaudas, and more


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