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Guest trainer: Dr. Markyia Nichols, M.D. Chief Medical Officer & Functional Health Expert at Ciba Health.

Medical Training Highlights:

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Medical Training: Integrating Oura Ring & Wearables Into Clinical Health Practices

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00:05:06 This is a webinar discussing the clinical applications of the Oura ring wearable device. The medical training features an introduction to the device, a walkthrough of its data points, a protocol section featuring clinical experiences using the Oura ring, and discussions about HIPAA and remote patient monitoring. The creator of the Heads Up software platform discusses how the system works and demonstrates its integration with the Oura ring. Dr. Markyia Nichols shares her expertise in the clinical setting and her experience using Oura in treating diabetes, weight loss, and mental health.

00:10:06 Features a panel discussion on functional medicine and health optimization, with various medical experts and subject matter experts discussing their experiences and expertise in the field. The discussion covers topics such as the importance of sleep in metabolic health, the use of wearable technology such as the Oura ring, and the role of functional medicine in reversing chronic disease. The panelists also answer audience questions on these topics.

00:14:58 Discusses the functionality of a wearable ring that collects data related to the wearer’s physical health and wellness. The video explains how the ring generates a readiness score and heart rate variability (HRV) number and how these are essential for understanding an individual’s recovery and stress levels. The importance of understanding HRV is emphasized, particularly for clinical settings or for individuals with health conditions. One ring is also being raffled off at the end of the presentation.

00:20:15 Discusses the importance of tracking heart rate variability (HRV) for functional medicine practitioners using technology like the Oura ring. HRV gives insights into overall stress levels and can help measure the effectiveness of holistic health interventions. Other important variables include resting heart rate, body temperature, and respiratory rate, which can all contribute to a Readiness score that measures how well the body is primed for recovery. By monitoring these variables, practitioners can identify areas where patients may need additional support.

00:30:05 The video discusses the benefits of wearable health tracking devices, specifically the Oura Ring, which provides data on sleep patterns, readiness scores and other health metrics. The speakers explain how it can be motivating for users to see their progress and make changes, as well as empowering for patients to have access to their own health data. They also mention the impact the ring can have on people with type 2 diabetes and how it can help them understand the effect of their lifestyle choices on their health. Overall, they stress the importance of positive feedback in healthcare and how wearable devices like the Oura Ring can provide that.

00:35:41 The video discusses how the use of wearables and data analytics can help doctors and patients monitor metabolic function, specifically in cases of Type 2 diabetes. They utilize the Oura Ring and continuous glucose monitoring in conjunction with a whole-plant based eating plan to clear out insulin resistance at the receptor level. The program is intense and spans six months, but provides patients with a clear understanding of the impact of their nutrition choices on their health. The video emphasizes the empowering aspect of seeing changes in lab results and overall health outcomes.

00:41:04 The video discusses a six-month metabolic reset program that utilizes wearables such as the Oura Ring and continuous glucose monitors to monitor and analyze a patient’s physiological data. The goal is to achieve metabolic flexibility so that patients can eat what they want in moderation without disruptions to the system. The program also includes functional lab testing and a team of physicians, dietitians, and health coaches to guide patients through the process. Patients have responded positively to the technology, with many initially viewing it as a new toy but finding value in the data over time. The program emphasizes precision medicine and incorporates patient-generated data to make real-time corrections.

00:46:18 The use of heart rate variability (HRV) monitoring devices like Oura to improve patient sleep quality and overall health, as well as detect potentially life-saving anomalies in heart function. It also mentions the use of HRV monitoring for mental health and stress. The speakers emphasize the importance of understanding baseline HRV and the patterns that emerge from tracking it, and encourage practitioners to incorporate this technology into their practices.

00:51:12 The use of wearable technology, such as the Oura ring, to monitor and optimize health outcomes in various fields, such as metabolic disorders, mental health, sports medicine, and medical weight loss. The ability to track metrics such as heart rate variability and sleep patterns can provide feedback to patients and practitioners, helping them to recognize the effects of their lifestyle choices on their health and make positive changes. Additionally, the technology can help patients reconnect with what it feels like to feel good, reducing shame and guilt associated with health challenges. The video emphasizes the importance of using data as a biofeedback tool to motivate patients to continue with their health programs.

00:55:59 How physiological data can be used in healthcare practices for remote patient monitoring. It outlines the importance of having a business associate agreement and proper security measures in place, as well as integrating the data into electronic health records. The video also mentions the potential for Oura to be used as the sole device for remote patient monitoring billing. It concludes with a list of available codes for remote patient monitoring.

01:01:10 Patient monitoring technology, specifically the integration of the Oura ring with Heads Up, a platform that enables the analysis of health data from multiple sources. The video provides information on how practices can work with Oura and how they can implement the technology with their patients. It also includes a demo of the Heads Up platform and its capabilities. Lastly, the video asks for feedback on patient engagement with technology.

01:06:15 Remote patient monitoring system offered by Heads Up Health that allows healthcare providers to track various biometric data from patients remotely, customize dashboards, and perform outcomes analysis. The system can monitor data from devices such as continuous glucose monitors, blood pressure monitors, and trackers. It also offers tools for patient engagement and secure messaging, as well as features for billing and compliance.

01:16:22 Glucose tolerance testing and the importance of receptors being unblocked for successful glucose uptake. It also mentions key drivers for anxiety and depression, such as HRV and micronutrients, and suggests looking at sleep data for indications. The platform mentioned does not submit claims but provides enabling technology and documentation, with 12-month commitment for the promotion offered. The video also briefly touches on RPM codes for qualifying conditions and successful implementation by their customers.

01:17:58 The rise in fasting glucose on CGM independent of carb meal timing due to inflammation and food sensitivities. She suggests that monitoring for indicators such as almond or spinach sensitivity could be helpful in identifying potential inflammation. They also discuss their pricing package and offer to provide more information to those who are interested.

Integrating oura ring and other advanced wearables into concierge clinical health practices.

“When you have thousands of patients in your program, what you really need are reports to quickly surface the clients who have gone out of range. We use the Heads Up reporting tools to flag out-of-range glucose values from the Freestyle Libre CGM, weight readings from the Withings scale, and HRV/Temp/HR from Oura, so our coaches can start their day with a short list of clients who need attention first.”

Dr. Innocent Clement MD Founder, Ciba Health

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