Introduction To Breakthrough Digital Health Analytics Tools – Signals, Assessments, & Custom Tiles!

Discover the world’s first connected health analytics tools reporting engine to track individual and patient population health data collected from assessments, wearables, labs, outcomes, biometrics, custom tiles, and more!

Signals lets you define the exact outcomes you are looking for inside your client data set and delivers the outcomes in curated reports specific to your needs.

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Here are a few examples of what’s possible with Signals Health Analytics Tools:

  • Outcomes
    • Easily see all of your clients’ health outcomes quickly and easily inside Signals Health Analytics Tools.
  • Adherence
    • Ensure clients are performing the actions needed as part of their program. Example: Show all clients who have not weighed in for more than <3> days.
  • Out-of-range
    • Identify clients whose values have gone out of normal range. Example: Show all clients with blood glucose readings >180 mg/dL over the past week.
  • Connectivity
    • Easily track device and lab connection status across all clients. Example: Show Oura ring connection status for all clients.
  • Cohort analysis
    • Track outcomes across any cohort of clients. Example: Show the average Hba1c improvement across all Type 2 Diabetes clients over the past six months.
  • Leaderboards
    • Create fun and engaging health challenges for your clients with optional incentives. Example Show a “Steps” leaderboard for all clients in the practice.
  • Symptom tracker
    • Allow clients to self-report common symptoms. Example: Show me all clients who reported nausea symptoms over the past week.
  • Algorithm development
    • Custom algorithms to look for trends across one or more data sources. Example: Show all clients with Vitamin D3 levels <30 ng/mL AND baseline Oura HRV <20ms>
  • Create your own signals report!
    • Heads up can create custom reports to capture any signals you are looking for.

Tedious, time-consuming & complex data analytics tasks can now be automated and reported in seconds saving valuable clinical time.

There are endless amounts of configurations that Signals can provide your organization!

If you would like to try out Signals in your health practice, click here to sign up for a free starter account.

“We use the Heads Up dashboard with our clients to track sleep and HRV from the Oura ring as part of our Functional Medicine programs. The analytics help us calibrate protocols in real-time for each client and measure outcomes across the entire practice.”

Sachin Patel
Founder, Living Proof Institute
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