Fasting Challenge

Fasting Challenge

Introducing The Heads Up Fasting Challenge

Embarking on a fasting journey can be a transformative experience for health and wellness, and Heads Up’s health app makes it easier than ever to track and manage you and your client’s fasting periods.

With the Fasting Timer, you can seamlessly monitor your client’s fasting duration, integrate essential health data from various devices, and gain valuable insights to optimize your fasting practice.

This Fasting Guide will provide you with a step-by-step approach to setting up the Fasting Timer on the Heads Up platform, ensuring you have all the tools you need to achieve your fasting goals efficiently and effectively. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned faster, this setup will enhance your fasting experience and support your overall health and longevity journey.

Fasting can be broken down into short term, medium term and long term durations. For our purposes, short term will be between 12-72 hours, medium term up to 7 days and long term greater than 7 days. 

Helpful Digital Health & Medical Tools:

Heads Up Fasting Timer
Used for tracking start and finish times of the fast. Plus, aggregated all the users’ health data into this portal for easy coaching and administration.

Oura Ring (Optional)
Used for tracking HRV, Body Temp Deviation, Sleep, and Movement.

Continuous Glucose Monitor by Dexcom or Freestyle Libre (Optional)
Used to gain high-resolution glucose data.

Ketone Meter by Keto-Mojo (Optional)
Used to collect Ketones and Glucose readings from blood.

Starting a fast

Starting a fast can be done on any day of the week however Sunday evening tends to be the best day because it allows you to enjoy the weekend and partake in events.

Start around 6-pm on Sunday evening. On the Heads Up dashboard, add the fasting timer tile on your dashboard. You can preselect the goal duration time and click start on the fasting timer when you begin. If you are using a CGM it should be placed a few hours prior and calibrated for accuracy.

Connect the Dexcom or Libre to the Heads Up dashboard. Also, connect the Keto-mojo device to monitor ketone (and glucose) levels throughout the fast. For a pure fast, only consume water and a natural salt source such as sea salt or Himalayan salt. For the pure reset goal of a fast, caffeine should be avoided however, some people consume black coffee or a tea of choice.

Monitoring Health Data

If using a CGM, continuous glucose readings will automatically update on the dashboard. Some may choose to use a Keto-Mojo blood glucose reading and this should be done once in the morning and once in the evening. Plan to check your blood ketone via the Keto-Mojo device once in the morning and once in the evening as well. 

Fasting Tips

During a fast, your body will go through different stages. The initial 12-hours should be relatively easy even if you have not done a previous fast. However, there will eventually be hunger pains which can be eased by consuming extra water and a pinch of salt. Some of the hardest aspects of a fast will be mental. Try and be active to help distract from some of the difficult moments during the fast. 

It is also helpful to keep a journal during the fasting period to document how you are feeling and can be used as a guide for future fasts. 

Ending a fast

Planning the end of the fast is as important as starting the fast. The goal of longer term fasting is partially autophagy as well as becoming metabolically flexible by training your body to consume fatty acids as a fuel source. Plan to start back eating with a small meal consisting of healthy real foods such as eggs and a good source of protein. The building blocks for regenerating new cells will be based on the consumption of these healthy foods.  

Setting Up the Fasting Timer

Setting up the Fasting Timer on Heads Up Health is a straightforward process that empowers you to efficiently track and manage your fasting periods. This guide will walk you through the necessary steps to add the fasting timer to your dashboard, customize your fasting duration, and start your fast with ease.

By following these instructions, you can leverage the comprehensive tools provided by Heads Up Health to monitor your fasting progress, integrate health data from various devices, and optimize your fasting experience for better health outcomes. Whether you are new to fasting or an experienced practitioner, this setup will help you seamlessly incorporate fasting into your health regimen.

How to set up a fasting challenge on Heads Up:

Fasting Timer Step 1

On the client dashboard select the Add (+) button to see the list of tile options. 

Fasting Timer Step 2

Once selected, under data sources, click the drop down menu and select Metabolism and then fasting.

Fasting Timer Step 3

Once, Fasting is selected you will want to select Add to dashboard

Fasting Timer Step 4

Once selected, you will see the fasting tile on the dashboard.

Fasting Timer Step 5

Click on the Drop menu to set up your fast duration.

Learn more about the fasting timer set up for desktop and mobile.

Analyzing Patient Fasting Data In Reports


Reporting: Analyzer

The Analyzer allows practitioners to correlate up to five biomarkers simultaneously, offering a comprehensive view of the interplay between various health metrics. This capability enables a deeper understanding of how different factors impact overall well-being, facilitating more precise and personalized health recommendations. Additionally, our detailed patient reports summarize these correlations in an easy-to-understand format, empowering both practitioners and clients with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about their health. With Heads Up Health, advanced health analytics and clear, actionable reports are at your fingertips.

Learn more about the analyzer feature.

Analyze Fasting Data Across Your Practice

signals fasting

In App: Signals Reporting

Signals is a powerful health data reporting tool that provides near real-time reports on everyone in the practice. In this instance, we are focusing on clients who are fasting. As you can see Signals offers a clear and comprehensive overview of their fasting time, number of fasts, adherence, and progress.

Learn more about using Signals Reporting.

Practitioners can easily monitor trends, identify patterns, and respond to any issues that arise, ensuring that clients receive timely and personalized support. By integrating fasting data with other health metrics, the Signals feature enhances the ability to make data-driven decisions, optimizing fasting protocols for improved health outcomes. With Heads Up Signals, maintaining a holistic view of clients’ fasting practices has never been easier or more effective.

How to get your clients’ engaged in the Fasting Challenge

Engaging your clients in a fasting challenge can be a transformative experience, fostering a sense of community and motivation while promoting health and longevity. Start by educating your clients about the numerous benefits of fasting with coaching notes from a note template, including improved metabolic health, reduced inflammation, and enhanced cellular repair.

Use Heads Up’s digital health tools to create a structured and supportive environment, offering personalized fasting schedule recommendations, real-time progress tracking, cross device wearables data collection, group messaging, and reminders. Encourage participation through interactive elements like weekly check-ins, progress sharing, and friendly competitions.

By highlighting success stories and providing continuous feedback through detailed reports and insights, you can keep your clients motivated and committed to their fasting goals. Engaging in a fasting challenge with the support of Heads Up’s comprehensive platform ensures that your clients not only achieve their health objectives but also enjoy the journey.


Fasting, when done correctly, can significantly improve health and wellness by promoting autophagy and metabolic flexibility. Using the Heads Up platform simplifies the fasting process through its Fasting Timer and integration with health monitoring devices like CGMs and Keto-Mojo.

By following the outlined steps and tips, practitioners can effectively manage and monitor their fasts, enhancing their biohacking journey. Whether you are a novice or experienced faster, utilizing Heads Up’s health tools can provide the support and data insights needed for a successful fasting experience.

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Providing health challenges to clients offers numerous benefits. Challenges can foster greater client engagement and accountability, creating a structured pathway for individuals to achieve their wellness goals. By incorporating health challenges, professionals can offer tailored, goal-oriented programs that enhance client motivation and adherence to healthy habits. Additionally, these challenges provide valuable data insights through tracking and monitoring progress, enabling practitioners to make informed adjustments to treatment plans.

Ultimately, health challenges can lead to improved health outcomes, strengthened client-practitioner relationships, and a reputation for delivering innovative, effective healthcare solutions. If you would like to learn how Heads Up can help you build and implement health challenges, schedule a call with one of our experts. Schedule a strategy call and custom demo.

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