Alex Fergus is an Australian National Natural Bodybuilding Champion, health and fitness coach, researcher and author. After finding his health declining at the age of 23 and feeling a lack of support from his doctors, who dismissed his concerns, he took his health into his own hands.  By being his own health advocate in researching, testing, and biohacking, he found his way back to optimal health and found a new passion for helping others to improve their life and health from a foundational perspective.

In this episode of Data-Driven Health Radio, Dave Korsunsky interviews Alex Fergus about his personal and professional journey of turning his own health, as well as his clients,’ around from struggling to thriving. 

Listen as Alex Fergus sheds some positivity on empowering your own health. By creating optimal health through foundational supports, your body will be in a much stronger and resilient state.

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In this podcast you’ll learn:

  • Alex Fergus’s story of finding his health struggling as a bodybuilding athlete at the age of 23, and having doctors tell him he must just have a virus or need testosterone to feel better leaving him feeling dismissed [1:40]
  • After doing his own research and asking for lab testing he wanted to explore, he was dismissed by his doctor which lead him to find a doctor that would look deeper. [3:50]
  • Always playing by the rules in bodybuilding and sports, he was disappointed when his doctor alluded to the fact that she thought it was all the supplements he was taking that was causing his health issues [4:45]
  • About the differences between lab testing options for your health in Australia vs. the USA [7:10]
  • Why you shouldn’t consult Dr. Google and why getting feedback through health markers is important in navigating your health by having a trusted provider to consult with the results of your specialized testing [8:50]
  • The role of HRV in the everyday person and how they can utilize that to see how their diet and lifestyle is working for them [14:30]
  • What biomarkers Alex Fergus monitors for himself and how the amount of feedback needed varies as your health progresses [15:25]
  • How people can use medicinal cannabis or think they sleep better after a few drinks. However, tracking with the Oura ring or other device can help you to see the real effects on your body that you may not have noticed otherwise [20:50]
  • Lab testing that Alex Fergus tracks now and why [23:16]
  • How to monitor your thyroid and stress response with basal body temperature [25:15]
  • How to use basal body temperature to change your macros [27:50]
  • About Alex Fergus’s protocol, he developed for clients focusing on the fundamentals of health – gut health, resetting baseline hormonal markers, dietary changes, meal timing, education, etc.[29:05]
  • The benefits of reducing and over-adding in training, etc. to be able to move forward in a healthier way [34:00]
  • The importance of slowing down your exercise, which can show you a much more accurate reaction of what your body is ready to do – energetically and otherwise. [35:00]
  • How to know when you’re ready to go back to exercising after taking a break to allow your body to recover [39:45[
  • About blue light – how it affects health and how to navigate it in the modern world [41:45]
  • How to hack our way back to optimal health in a modern world [42:55]


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